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Jun 7, 2012 07:56 PM

Manhattan with a kid and a baby

We will be coming to NYC in early August with our 5 year old and our 2 month old and I'd love dining suggestions. We live in LA and will be staying in Times Square. Former New Yorkers, but I suspect our old favorite haunts as 20 something Kid free NYers are both out of date and not the same places we should take the kids.
5 year old is a good restaurant goer. Fairly adventurous and well behaved. We eat out fairly often and she's been to restaurants in Paris and London.

2 month old is obviously still a dark horse as at the moment he's only 2 weeks old. However, IME at that age they're still fairly portable, and so far he's a quiet one.

We will be there for five days (family visit and family wedding) so I'm looking for dinner and lunch ideas. Willing to travel in the borough.


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  1. Pretty good list here, mostly WV:

    I've heard Landmarc in Time Warner is kid-friendly without being dumbed down but not sure how the food is for the adults.

    What kinds of food do you want to eat while you are back in town? That might help us narrow down some recs for you.

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      Honestly, I don't have a "must eat" in NY in terms of type -- we live in a major metro area with pretty much any type of cuisine you want to get. So what we're looking for is just quality food, not too sedate an atmosphere, not crazy expensive. Will probably hit Shake Shack one day for lunch, and I've been craving Halal chicken and rice from a street cart, so that's another lunch. Partially interested in what's new in the sort of good neighborhoody type places since we moved away in 2005. When last we were there, the main attraction at Acme was the bucket of rolling rocks. I hear that's no longer the case ...

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        You're from Los Angeles, yes?

        Here's some threads that may interest you.

        Looking for "neighborhood finds"

        Visiting NYC after a long absence

        Recommendations for LA hounds

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        Landmarc is fine for adults. I had a pretty darn good meal there about 9 months ago - just adults, no children in my party. It's also spacious and comfortable.

      3. Are you going to be hanging around the Times Square area? Or heading out to places like the Museum of Natural History and looking for places near your destination(s)?

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        1. re: Jane A.

          I would rather NOT hang around Times Square (when I lived in the city, I lived in the Village and then on the East Side, but we got a wedding rate in Times Square, and you don't pass that up). Though any delivery options in that area would be great (I figure there will be at least one evening where husband takes the 5 year old to a show and I'm stuck in the hotel room with the baby). We don't have any real plans in terms of activities --We'll probably hit some of the majors, like the Museum of Natural History and the Met and Central Park, but I'm willing to travel for food.

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            If you're staying in Times Square you are close to the places on 9th Ave from 42nd up to 57th. The ethnic joints are fine for kids. The better places in the theater district will be happy to have you AFTER 8PM when the theater rush is over. In the residential areas like the village, UWS etc if you eat at 6 and are history by 8 when they get crowded you'll be fine. Just be a considerate parent/diner... if the little one starts crying... go for a walk outside.

            Oh, and Shake Shack near the Museum of Natural History is quite calm at 8PM and strollers are part of the landscape there...

            1. re: Savour

              Best of Times Square area by Cheeryvisage:

              For delivery to your hotel, I'd do something like Szechuan Gourmet or Pure Thai Shophouse. Not sure if you guys have this service out in LA, but you can easily order from many restaurants on or

              For Central Park ish, if the weather is nice, I'd consider a picnic. I would pick up supplies at Jacques Torres, Salumeria Rosi, and Epicure Boulud.

          2. Obviously the 5 year old will sit in a regular chair - but what are you planning on doing with the baby - bringing in a carseat, or.....?