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Jun 7, 2012 07:08 PM

Non Touristy

Heading to San Francisco and I am looking for restaurants that the locals eat at. Not really looking for anything fancy, in fact I love dives as long as they are clean. Thanks!

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  1. People live in San Francisco, so the only place that is a true tourist trap with bad value food is the Fisherman's Wharf area. Otherwise, good food and locals exist everywhere else, so you may want to be more specific about type of foods etc.

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      There are also plenty of disgusting tourist traps in Chinatown.

    2. It would help to know what kind of food you are looking for and also a budget. SF restaurants are fairly casual unless you go high end. I recommend Barbacco.

      1. Gialina
        La Ciccia

        All Italian-ish, but each one is completely different. Not dives, sorry. Beloved neighborhood gems.

        1. You would be well advised to spend 10-15 minutes reviewing the many topics & discussions already here. You should be able to find dozens & dozens of helpful suggestions and recommendations. The question you are asking gets asked and answered several times a month.

          It would also be helpful if you mentioned the types of food that interest you (Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Peruvian, Vietnamese, seafood, etc.), what parts of the city you expect to be visiting and how much you are thinking of spending on your meals.

          1. Highly recommend Piccino in the old Dogpatch neighborhood in Portrero Hill. Strange neighborhood, but hip place with great food, lots of young SFers chowing down. Definitely NOT a tourist place, and reachable by public transportation.

            Aziza, out in The Richmond, is another non-touristy place, due to its location, I believe. Great modern take on Moroccan food. (Take a taxi.)

            And if you want seafood, definitely head to Tadich Grill, rather than the Wharf. This place is beloved of tourists and locals, alike. Their Cioppino is the best damned seafood stew you will ever eat (and I've eaten great Bouillabaise in Marseilles).

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              Tadich's a fun place and cioppino's a marginally OK dish to order there but it's not the best in town. They tend to overcook the seafood and the shrimp are frozen. Comparing it with bouillabaisse in southern France seems like setting up a tourist for disappointment.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I believe the tiny shrimp are frozen, but the large ones are not. Half of the bouillabaisses I've eaten in France were nowhere near the quality of Tadich's cioppino (maybe I was just unlucky multiple times). Where, in SF, do you think they do it better? I'll give it a try on my next visit. (I have to admit that on my recent visit the petrale sole was way overcooked, and it got sent back to the kitchen forthwith.)

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    Thank you. I will try Sotto Mare. I've always loathed Scoma's.