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Jun 7, 2012 04:49 PM

Red Light ...Little River

Would love to try this restaurant...have heard/read mixed reviews. I've looked on their web site and yelp and I see that there is a difference regarding the "Bar"...yelp says..."full bar" but their site gives info on wine and beer.

Any info on the quality and selection of their food would be appreciated


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  1. I'm a big fan of Red Light - food has a focus on local ingredients, mostly unfussy preparations, with a bit of New Orleans influence going on there. The chef spent lots of time in New Orleans and so you'll often see gumbo, oyster pie, and always, New Orleans style bbq shrimp on the menu. Usually there's a couple fresh local fish, and the fish dip, the ribs, and the burger are winners too. If he's doing a quail - usually over a salad with some seasonal fruit - it shouldn't be missed. Great value, pretty much nothing on the menu is over $20.

    This is an old thread but still ought to give you some insight ->

    It's got a real bohemian kind of vibe going on, and service can be a bit inexperienced and sometimes slow when the kitchen gets backed up. Go in the right mindset - i.e., not in a rush.

    The bar service has been in flux lately, I think they're currently only serving beer & wine.

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      Thanks for the info.....the menu looked great and we love New Orleans style of cooking...

    2. i was pretty excited to see this on Groupon yesterday. definitely snatched up a couple of those