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Jun 7, 2012 04:03 PM

Robinson's Lemon Barley water - where to buy in Toronto?

Hi all,

Does anyone know who else in Toronto carries the above product, besides Mrs. Bridges' British Bakery at Eglinton Square? Mrs. Bridges' is out of stock at the moment, and doesn't always have it in stock for that matter.

Thank you!

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  1. try this -I have never been there- found it through a web search

    Good Luck!

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    1. re: 001mum

      Thanks, 001mum! It's a bit far to drive there, but shipping might be possible - I'll ask my Mum (who wants it).

      1. re: susan_e_webb

        Empire the Collection may have it;

        724 1/2 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON

        1. re: katdog

          Thanks, katdog; I tried phoning but no answer as yet - perhaps they're closed on Mondays. Will try them again.

        2. re: susan_e_webb

          Susan, there is the Scottish Shop @ Leslie/401 I believe I have seen "British Stuff!" there-maybe give them a call? There is also a Britsh shop in Guelph in one of the malls off
          Hwy6 North which turns into Gordon Street. (i think it's where the No Frills is) if you ever take a day trrip out there * give them a call first.(**** well, it was there 2 years ago) :)

          I'll try to remember to ask a friend (from England) and then check back with you.

          1. re: 001mum

            Thanks, 001mum! I checked the Scottish Shop and they carry it but they're also out of stock till the end of the week - must be a popular item!

            1. re: susan_e_webb

              I believe i saw it in the window of the Chocolate Box on Donlands.

              1. re: mariecollins

                Thanks, Marie! I've driven by the Choc. Box many times - will now have a good reason to stop in; the location is handy too.

      2. It might be out of town but I think 'Blighty's' in Orangeville has it in stock. From their website

        Robinsons cordials are very popular indeed at Blighty's. Now you have another great summer flavour to add to your choices.

        Each bottle of No Added Sugar cordial makes a gallon of refreshing, fruity, summer drink for your family for less than four dollars. Brilliant!

        Also available:

        Orange & Pineapple
        Orange & Mango
        Apple & Blackcurrant.
        Lemon Barley Water (the official soft drink of the Wimbledon tennis tournament) and Orange Barley Water also available for just a buck more.

        Located in ORANGEVILLE about 80km northwest of Toronto on Highway #10
        Address: 6-88 First Street Orangeville Ontario L9W 3J6 (in the Staples plaza
        )Phone: 519-942-2300

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        1. re: Spelunk

          Thanks, Spelunk! This, along with the other hounds' advice/locations, could be the makings of a Robinsons "Quest for Lemon Barley Water" road trip! Cheers, everyone!

          1. re: Spelunk

            Thanks, Spelunk. This, along with the other hounds' advice/locations, could be the makings of a Robinsons "Quest for Lemon Barley Water" road trip! Cheers, everyone!

            1. re: susan_e_webb

              not sure if you are near the leaside neighbourhood but a store at bayview and millwood, Dolce & Gourmando, has both the lemon and orange barley water


              1. re: bangers and mash

                Amazing, bangers and mash - you are definitely onto something - I can walk there! Thank you!!