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Jun 7, 2012 03:49 PM

Better than Stumptown

I am a coffee junky. When I travel I research the coffee houses in the area. I thought the paramount place for good coffee, comfort, and a fine vibe was in Stumptown NYC. Then Red Eye Roaster Hingham opened right in my world. Nirvana. It is hard to say what I like best about RE. As soon as I approach the door I am greeted with the wonderful aroma of roasting coffee so pleasant, even if it is lingering from the day before. The coffee pours like fine wine with a wonderful appearance, aroma, taste, balance, and finish. I take my first sip with my eyes closed so as not to miss any element of the flavor. The staff is consistently cheery and friendly. They are like good friends who always seem glad to see you. The ambiance is inviting; it’s hard to walk away when hitting it on the way to work. On weekends it is the best place to linger with a book or make new friends in the comfortable seating area. Went to Stumptown again recently and it just seemed blah after Red Eye.

Has anyone found coffee houses in the Boston area like it?

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  1. Where else have you been and liked? Three Little Figs and Voltage the most well-rounded spots I've been to, with service to match the coffee, and Dwelltime makes most excellent coffee as well.

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      Agreed on Three Little Figs. Excellent coffee, tasty pastries and unique sandwiches, and friendly, helpful staff.

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        Third Three Little Figs - brewing Gimme! coffee - make consistently the best cappuccino I've had in the Boston area. A difference I think I have noticed - they take time to heat the milk slowly, not just by ramp up the temp until it hits the right level. Every other capp now tastes scalded to me, compared to 3LF.

        Will say that Stumptown in Portland OR also exhibited this same care. It's like tempering.

      2. Render on Colombus Ave is outstanding.

        1. Thinking Cup on Tremont sells Stumptown Coffee.

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            Cafe Fixe Brookline
            Dwell time Cambridge
            Area Four Cambridge
            Barrington Boston
            RJ Cambridge

          2. The wonderful aroma of roasting coffee? I've been in cafes that have their roasters on the floor. The aroma is not wonderful. The aroma of <i>brewing</i> coffee can be very nice, but the aroma of the roaster is very different.

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              Agreed on the smell of coffee roasting - it is not what most people think it would be - burning chaff and gaseous emissions. A coffee shop that also had a roasting room used to be in the neighborhood that I work in. For me, the smell of roasted coffee and the grinding of roast coffee is where that "Folgers Moment" starts.