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Jun 7, 2012 03:38 PM

cheap public farmers markets in Atlanta

Hi everyone,
I recently moved to Atlanta from Rochester, NY where we had the most wonderful year round public market. In addition to having a great variety of items, my favorite aspect of this market was that everything was super affordable, and dare I say, cheap! I remember getting 12 ears of corn for 2 dollars, and entire heads of collard greens for $3.
Now that I'm in Atlanta, I'm looking for something similar. I've been to the Buford Highway Farmers market and also Your Dekalb market, as well as the peachtree farmers market. The first two had great variety, but obviously, the prices weren't super great, given that they are brick and mortar stores. The peachtree farmers market on saturdays was very nice, but obviously catered to the organic, Buckhead crowd.
Are there any markets in Atlanta similar to the one I had in Rochester? Basically, I'm looking for fresh produce that's local and cheap.
Thanks so much!

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  1. Good luck with that. There's the big State Farmers Market, in Forest Park. It's too much of a haul for me, the gas prices outweigh the savings, although I haven't been there in a loong time. I live in Woodstock, GA a burb about 30 min. from Atlanta, and I go to Burger's Market, in Marietta. It's not cheap.( 6.99 a pound for shelled fresh english peas, or any other fresh pea) You just have to look around on the weekend for small little community type flea markets that might have a little farmers market within. The further south you go the cheaper, because that's where the majority of farms are. At least that's my experience.

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      The State Farmer's Mkt in Forest Park is the one to go to. There are aisles that are designated as "Georgia grown" that are the most likely to have someone selling their own produce. Most of the others have folks who are re-selling produce bought wholesale. Not that there aren't good deals with the re-sellers, too.

      That's where I'd go to get the best prices, realizing that it won't be organic. Personally, I think YDFM's produce prices are pretty great, even on organic produce.

      I was in Birmingham over the holiday weekend and hit both the Finley Ave market (equivalent to the Forest Park one here) and the Pepper Place market (like the one at Piedmont Park). The price for peaches was about 4X at the latter, and I don't think they were organic or otherwise special.

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        Thanks for the information! I've heard about the Forest Park market, and driven through it on a slow day (weekday afternoon). When's the best time to go, and what's the best way to shop it? Even going through it when it was mostly closed seemed quite overwhelming!

    2. Nam Dae Mun is where the produce tends to be cheap, particularly the one in Lilburn. It's also brick and mortar and the stuff may or may not be local.

      Something like what you are looking for would make total sense and is common elsewhere, but is yet to be found in Atlanta.