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Jun 7, 2012 02:23 PM

Dovetail with DH, and elderly parent?

My 88 y.o. father and his 78 y.o. girlfriend want to take DH and I out when we are in town visiting him. She suggested Dovetail, although they both live on the UES. They are making an effort to take us out for a very nice dinner, knowing we love good food as she does. Since this our first dinner out as a foursome, we would like something relaxed, but up to her culinary standards, since they eat out quite a bit.
I should add we are in our early 50's, but with a young child, and we are all "young" for our age! That being said, my father does have trouble hearing in noisy restaurants. Is this a good choice, or should we recommend something else? We are former New Yorkers, and actually lived up the block from Dovetail close to ten years ago. I think we were there once, but it did not leave an impression...

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  1. Well, you could not have been to Dovetail when you lived here as it did not exist then. I loved it when it opened but it has gone downhill somewhat since. Not to say it is bad but just not so exciting. It is definitely noisy. Try doing a search on this board, and you will find some recent reports.

    What you are able to reserve will depend on how far in advance and which day of the week. Do you have geographical boundaries? I would recommend Annisa if you can get a res, or if you want uptown Gastroarte is a favorite of mine, and is not hard to reserve.

    1. Anyone with hearing difficulties should not go to Dovetail as it is very noisy. Also, I found the food at our recent dinner there to be rather disappointing -- not nearly as wonderful as the first time more than two years ago.

      If you want to stay on the UWS, I would recommend Picholine. Superb cuisine, excellent service, lovely ambiance, and quiet.

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        Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Noisy will definitely not do. They were at Picholine just a few weeks ago, before Lincoln Center, so I would prefer to try something else.

        We are talking about next Thursday, in a week. I will look at Gastroarte. I thought Annisa was noisy as well, from what I read on the board?

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          There was one recent report of Annisa being noisy, but I believe it had to be an anomaly. I have been there many times in the past several years, and always found it quiet.