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Jun 7, 2012 02:06 PM

What is the best unsweetened soy milk?

My daughter drinks unsweetened soy milk, and generally prefers Earth Balance, but is okay with Trader Joe's or Silk. Won't go near sweetened or flavored soy milk. I am looking for other brands that may be good and can travel, like in those aseptic boxes. Any recommendations?

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  1. Is she opposed to almond milk? I prefer it to soy, which to me has an unpleasant aftertaste.

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    1. re: ferret

      She has allergies to tree nuts. I think soy has an unpleasant aftertaste too, but my daughter prefers it to other non-dairy drinks.

    2. You might want to check out Asian markets, especially Korean markets. Some of them have small aseptic boxes (like with little straws). They should also have fresh soy milk in 12 or 16 oz plastic containers, which will probably be fresher and better than any packaged stuff you can get (but obviously don't travel quite as well).

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      1. re: will47

        I've checked out 99 Ranch. The small aseptic boxes I found all have sugar or are flavored.

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          That's true, but they also sell unsweetened versions, particularly the the ones in plastic bottles sold in the refrigerated section.

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            If you're in Southern California, the "Furama" brand (non-GMO, and an option with organically grown soybeans) is great. Made just over in Duarte, I believe ( Good texture, and great taste. Worth seeking out, even though it's not in aseptic packages. Ranch 99 carries it (at least the Focus Plaza one does).

            (VP Tofu and VK Tofu also make great, fresh soy milk locally).

            I wonder if using an insulated thermos would be an option for travel?

            1. re: will47

              Ooh, good find. I'll have to check this out.

              Heck, if you're in Gardena, you might as well go over to Meiji Tofu for the creamiest unsweetened soy milk and the most custardy tofu in a bamboo basket (50 cents for the basket, which you get back if you return it)

      2. I also like the Trader Joe's soy milk, and it comes in the aseptic packages as well.

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        1. re: herring

          I like this one as well. I generally put the soy milk over ceriel or in oatmeal, and honestly can't tell the different brands ... Silk, TJ, 365 from Whole Foods apart. Just don't get me sweetened or flavored!

          1. re: herring

            I only drink unsweetened soy milk, and I gotta say Trader Joe's soy milk is my favorite overall as well. I would like Silk in coffee, due to its thicker consistency, but for cereal and mashing sweet potatoes and just plain old drinking, I like TJ's version.

          2. I like Westbrae, but don't know if they have small boxes.

            1. My favourite is vitasoy and they come in aseptic packages.