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I think I have a sugar problem...

The types of sugar I have in my cabinet right now

How many do other chronic bakers have?

Eta: forgot powdered. Also if we're counting molasses, Splenda, and other syrups, I'm gonna be in the double digits.

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  1. You know, bizarrely, I don't keep sugar in the house. I have a couple of packets of white sugar and a couple packets of "Sugar in the Raw" and Splenda for guests who take their coffee sweet, but for sweeteners, I have on hand right now
    Agave Nectar
    Pure Maple Syrup
    Grandma's "Robust" Molasses

    By contrast, my mom would have had light and brown sugar, sugar cubes (for company), confectioner's sugar and granulated sugar, as well as Karo light and dark corn syrup. I bake very little compared to her!

    1. Right now I have:

      White granulated
      White caster
      Unrefined golden caster
      Dark brown
      Light brown

      There might be some maple lurking in the dark corners, too.
      Don't get me started on the types of chocolate I have!

      Edit: also have black treacle, Lyle's Golden and pure maple syrups. So pretty much I have the afternoon sugar rush covered one way or another.

      1. No piloncillo - raw in solid cones or blocks?
        Palm sugar (hard or soft)?
        Zulka - a Mexican brand of granulated sugar that is coarse, and slightly blond

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          I recently relocated to the UK, not close to the major cities with cuisine-specific grocery stores, and have not found a local source for piloncillo yet. But there's always my next flight home to Texas to stock up...

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            I've got a 25kg sack of organic sugar in the lounge right now, but despite what that sounds like, I'm not wildly into sugar.
            I've just baked a xylitol chocolate cake for someone; that's some weird stuff!

        2. Uh oh, I think I have every one mentioned upthread, plus sugars I've flavored with lavender, vanilla, rosemary, basil, etc. My dentist should love me.

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          1. re: pine time

            Wow- you win, as far as I'm concerned. I only have vanilla bean sugar. I have to investigate the rest of your sugars, they sound fabulous. I may need a new cabinet.

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              Yup, used to be I could just open the lid of the tiny bottles of flavored sugars to identify each. Now I have to resort to labelling them. I'm now experimenting with a sweet foccacia, topped with lavender sugar. Altho thyme sugar sounds intriguing...better find some more labels.

          2. White
            Brown (light)
            Maple syrup
            I have some Truvia packets but i pretty much use them for lemonade

            1. I only buy white sugar for the hummingbirds. We quit over a year ago!! And DH uses some brown sugar for his mustard BBQ sauce.

              1. Pure Cane Sugar....
                Dark Brown Sugar.......
                Confectioner's Sugar.......
                Turbinado Sugar......

                Pure (Steen's) Cane Syrup
                Steen's Dark Molasses......
                Wild Honey.........
                Maple Syruple...........;)

                1. Hmmmm...
                  Light Brown
                  Dark Brown
                  Lyle's syrup
                  Light Karo
                  Dark Karo
                  Maple syrup
                  Raw lump sugar
                  White lump sugar
                  Agave syrup
                  Simple syrup
                  Vanilla sugar
                  Orange sugar

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                    1. re: mamachef

                      I'm impressed Mamachef.

                      I have;


                      light brown

                      dark brown




                      vanilla sugar

                      10x powdered sugar
                      An old bottle of corn syrup for making caramel.

                      I might still have some maple sugar but I think that I used it.

                      I have fine bakers sugar but that can be made with white granulated sugar in a food processor.

                    2. hmmm...
                      granulated white
                      dark brown
                      light brown
                      sugar in the raw
                      light corn syrup
                      maple syrup
                      lyle's golden syrup
                      simple syrup

                      mamachef wins :)

                      1. Ha! I have a whole cabinet packed with vinegars that look interesting to me when I'm shopping but i might or might not use, plus one or two that just plain smell horrible (but were probably kind of pricey). I need to go through that cabinet and PURGE, but i"m with you, sunangelmb, though I'm not a chronic baker, I am a chronic cook, though.

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                        1. re: EWSflash

                          I'd love a snoop at your vinegars. I have 27 varieties in my cupboards but I make most of them, thinking it was such a great idea at the time.

                          Many kinds of sugar as well but I am a cook first, baker second. Don't even get me started on salts and peppers...

                          1. re: chefathome

                            Well, none of mine are handcrafted, sadly, except for one or two, like a cherry or fig balsamic- did't do those myself, though. I need to do an inventory and i'll let you know what i have- it's not what you're hoping for, I'm sure.

                          2. re: EWSflash

                            I'll trade my sugars for your vinegars!! Lucky you!! (the sad thing is that a great many of these items were purchased for one use and are just kinda sulking in the cabinet now....I cook way, way more than I bake.)
                            In fact, I'm kinda embarrassed to have "won" this!! :)

                          3. white-powdered-brown-dark brown-peach-cherry-cinnamon-white superfine-all colors of superfine for decorating cookies-6 kinds of honey-maple syrup-blueberry syrup-apricot syrup-huckleberry syrup-simple syrup-strawberry syrup-peach syrup-Tadeshi vineyard pineapple syrup-Duke's coconut syrup-chocolate syrup-caramel-Lyle's Golden syrup-Lyle's Treacle-Light corn-Dark corn-cane syrup.

                            1. ~White
                              Granulated, Cubed, Packets
                              Ultrafine (aka Castor)
                              Brightly colored sugar for sprinkling on cookies

                              Sugar in the Raw (aka Turbinado)
                              Rock Sugar
                              Mexican Brown Sugar Cones (piloncillo?)
                              Chinese Brown Sugar (sticks?)


                              ~Syrupy Sugars
                              Golden Syrup (My favorite)
                              Maple Syrup
                              Pancake Syrup (Fake maple)
                              Karo Light and Dark
                              Maltose Syrup

                              ~Artificial Sweeteners
                              Splenda (aka Yuck)

                              1. I didn't think I had as many sugars as I do, but a peek in the cabinet yielded:

                                Dark brown
                                Light brown
                                Granulated maple
                                Various colored sugars
                                Blackstrap molasses
                                Maple syrup
                                Karo dark
                                A half dozen honeys, including my beloved buckwheat honey

                                What I haven't seen listed here is one of my favorite things: Swedish pearl sugar. Great stuff. I like relatively less-sweet baked goods such as cardamom buns, and a little pearl sugar on top really fancies them up and gives a little *just enough* zing of sweet. Pearl sugar holds up against the heat of the oven, has a great texture, and stays blindingly white, making a nice contrast to the browning on baked goods. Since I'm not much of a frosting gal, I also use it to gussy up, say, a simple olive oil cake...looks nice and gives a little textural contrast. Nice sugar to have around.

                                ETA: apparently also called nib sugar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nib_sugar