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Jun 7, 2012 01:59 PM

Removal from Gardening List due to no geographical location

You might see my request to persons to list their greographical location when stating what is growing in their garden at the present time.

It is not hard for me to click on the name and the person's profile, but I find that many chowhounders do not give their area.

I tried to remove myself from the Gardening list, and indeed it does not show up in my list of different groups, but I still get it coming into my profile each time a new post is made.

Can you help?

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  1. If you've posted on the Gardening board in the past, threads you posted on will continue to show up in your profile, as it is just an automatic listing of threads you've participated on. There's no way to remove those threads yourself. The moderators can remove all of your posts from a thread, and that will take it off the list, but we only do that very reluctantly and only where your posts have no direct replies.

    It may be slightly confusing because the 'Board Saved'/'Save This Board' icon appears at the top of every thread, but that just refers to the board as a whole appearing in the 'Saved Boards' box, it doesn't affect what individual threads show up in your profile.

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