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Jun 7, 2012 01:10 PM

Help Needed for UpScale Zabar's-Ish Restauranty Place in Jackson Hole Wyoming

My best friend & her husband will be in Jackson Hole in a few days celebrating a BIG birthday - I'd love to send a basket of goodies from a great local restaurant/deli/zabar's sort of place to their hotel-even a small birthday cake-but have never been to town. ANY help?

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  1. I've been to Jackson Hole, but don't remember anything like what you're describing (or perhaps I just couldn't take my eyes off the Grand Tetons). I know delivers their products and gift boxes overnight, a lot with shipping included. Delicious!

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      (only one Grand Teton, the other peaks are yes, in the Tetons, but only one "Grand.")
      Try this:

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        i wanted it to be somewhere local - so i did some research since by chow buddies didnt respond and I found a local bakery which at least on line looks pretty fabulous - friend is a chocolate and dessert freak, we've traveled the world with bakeries as a focal point. . .I'll let everyone know how Atelier Ortega measures up - I got her the "signature" cake (which is some chocolate concoction) and 3 extra desserts (talked to the chef and gave him the right to pick the deserts). . .and they are delivering it to the hotel. . . I'm happy . . . I'll give a review afterward

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          I didnt want to do a long distance delivery - seemed silly - and I couldn't really tell what the story was on the website that wyogal suggested - it seemed more of a place for lazy tourists to have common groceries sent to condominiums during ski season. . . so. . . I decided it would be a dessert fest per my other reply

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            Just trying to help. Sorry. They use local sources, could have put together a variety of things for you, from a variety of upscale places in the valley.

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              I appreciated the wyogal suggestion, but had already located Atelier Ortega which seemed quite elegant and heavily into chocolate - which my friend appreciates. SO. . . I haven't gotten the review on the desserts themselves, but I can tell you that the Bakery measured up well in the taking the long distance order, organizing a far away delivery and delivering something timely which certain looks good. Will report back when my girlfriend takes her first bites. . .

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                So what did your friend think of Atelier Ortega? I was in Jackson last week & stopped in at the bakery which is on the outskirts of town for brunch. Quite tasty and a cool chocolate making operation. The brunch was reasonably priced compared to the chocolates -- they are quite pricey but they are good. Right across the street is an equally good bakery -- not chocolates -- the Bread Basket of Jackson, not the cache of AO but very reasonably priced & excellent.

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                  Oh my friend loved loved loved Atelier Ortega the desserts I got for her birthday. I went kind of crazy and bought her several and they delivered them to her hotel and had it all set up nice and i cannot find the photo she & hubby took of them. . . looked gorgeous. . . will post if I can find it later, but that was months ago. They enjoyed it all so much. . . I did some chocolates and three different desserts. . .she liked it so much they went in for a meal a few days later. They did everything just as I asked and the food was excellent/extravagant looking and I didnt even care what it cost. Didnt know about the Bread Basket - believe me, I'd have tried it if I did :)