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Jun 7, 2012 12:36 PM

Downtown Toronto Wedding Venue for 100-120 People?

We are in the beginning stages of planning a wedding for May 2013 and we are looking for wedding venue recommendations in Downtown Toronto?

We will be 100-120 people total, with about 20 travelling from Montreal who will require accommodations (a venue near a reputable hotel would be great). We also want to do our ceremony and reception all in one location.

Food is also very important to us - we are open to having the ceremony and reception in a restaurant if there is one large enough to accommodate a group of this size.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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  1. Congratulations! There are a lot of great options in downtown Toronto. I think it'll come down to what you can afford. A lot of the great places with ambience and amazing food come with a heft price tag. With 120 guests, it's not too big that you exclude a lot of the decent options.

    What do you hope to pay per head (food and wine)?

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    1. re: Nevy

      Ideally we would like to keep it to $120-$130 per person with food and drinks (including alcohol). Any ideas at that price point?

      1. re: stephanieeee

        Are you open to not having a full sit down meal for instance passed items or food stations of sorts?

        1. re: JennaBean

          We would like to have a sit down dinner and have enough space for dancing as well...

        2. re: stephanieeee

          The first one off the top of my head would be the Toronto Board of Trade. Beautiful location, great service, and it's catered by Oliver and Bonacini. I've been to 5 weddings catered by them and all of them have been wonderful. This particular location is not romantic but it can be modern and glamourous. The space works with your budget and the size of your wedding.

          The other option that might work is Liberty Grand. It's massive and from the 2 weddings I've been there, the food is definitely better than the average wedding food. I would still say it's not as good as Oliver and Bonacini but you will never say you're underfed. Portions are huge, everything is plentiful, and still nicely plated. The service was good as well.

          If you're willing to put more effort in getting your own vendors, you can also use the space St Lawrence Hall. It's in the heart of the downtown. Beautiful old building with lots of character. It's on the opposite scale in terms of environment compared to Toronto Board of Trade. My friend did have her wedding there. Loved it and she had everything catered. I can't remember the caterer but the food was great.

          I recently went to the Metropolitan hotel for a wedding and the food was very well done. It was probably the best fusion Asian/Western food I've had at an Asian influenced wedding. It might be at the top of your price point but it was so impressive. They had at least 14 dishes and that didn't include the canapes or dessert bar at the end.

          Good luck with your search!

          1. re: Nevy

            Thanks for the ideas! I will definately investigate these options :)

            1. re: stephanieeee

              Instead of the Liberty Grand, maybe try the Rosewater? It is a smaller venue and it is two minutes from the King Edward hotel.

            2. re: Nevy

              Congratulations! I went to a wedding at Liberty Grand and the food was exceptionally bad. It also might be too big. I'd check out the Boulevard Club. I believe they rent their ballroom to non-members for weddings. The waterfront view is amazing. Worth looking in to.

        3. Congratulations!

          Try the Art Gallery (AGO). We had our wedding/reception there. Mind you it was many years ago, and things have changed, but the service was extraordinary and the venue very unique! At the time, the pricing was no different than a standard hotel ballroom, whidh I absolutely did not want to do.

          I have no idea what Carlu pricing is like, but I have attended several corproate functions there with excellent results

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          1. re: CocoaChanel

            FYI-I looked into the AGO for my nuptials last fall, and the "base" quote they gave me for 80 guests, with an extremely basic menu and simple Canadian wine (no open bar) was around $30K. I thought that price was ridiculous, especially considering the menu and wine options. So, sounds like completely out of range for the OP.

            1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

              Thanks for the reply. Where did you end up having your wedding?

              1. re: stephanieeee

                I held my reception at Nota Bene (my ceremony was at another location close by). We bought out the resto for the evening. It was incredible. Amazing canapes, amazing food, incredible wine, and top notch service. My guests were blown away with the food and very drunk!

                FYI-my wedding was on a Monday, so the buy out was much more reasonable than on a Saturday. Something you may want to consider if your budget is tight.

                1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

                  Do you know how many people Nota Bene can accommodate for a seated dinner?

                  1. re: stephanieeee

                    Not 120 that's for sure and it would be way over your price point with beverages. You might have better luck at a place that's not as high end. Something more mid point like Crush on King, one of the Globe owned places, maybe even something like Le Select. Regardless it will be a buyout so consider the date you select carefully because the buyouts for a Thurs/Fri/Sat will likely be over you budget.

              2. re: Splendid Wine Snob

                Gah! I had no idea price had spiked so much. Mr. Vuitton and I were married there 12 years ago, with twice the number of people for just under that with open bar. Yikes! Never mind then,

            2. What about the Carlu? It is a beautiful venue and you can have your.cerremony in one room and the reception in another. Food can also be very good depending on caterer selection.

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              1. What about the King Eddy? Gorgeous ballroom on the main level which seats about 120 perfectly. Food was excellent. Service was great but the wedding coordination could have been more helpful. I see that scaffolding is still up as they transform some of the hotel rooms into condos but overall we were really happy with the receptions (ceremony at St. James' Cathedral). Had lots of out of towners from New York and elsewhere in the US who loved the walkability of the area...close to the market, restaurants, etc. Good luck and congrats!

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                1. re: Coco T.O.

                  Thanks, we'll definitely check out the King Eddy...

                  1. re: Herne

                    As long as there is parking nearby (blue or green P perhaps) that should do the trick!