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Jun 7, 2012 12:31 PM

Lunch in the west loop/Wacker Drive area


I coming in to Chi-town, my former home, next week. I'm joining some long-time friends for lunch. I always cringe when they recommend a restaurant. Their tastes are so pedestrian. Are there any restaurtants in the Wacker/Madison area that would satisfy a foodie and two meet-and-potatoes folks?


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  1. Budget? Table service? Quick meal or leisurely lunch? (You're somewhat limited if you're looking for a nice sit-down place in the immediate vicinity, options open up if you're willing to walk a little).

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    1. re: ferret

      neither budget nor expensive. I suggested Blackbird and that was nixed.....

    2. It's a few blocks away from Wacker & Madison and might be too exotic for your friends, but I really like Araon for lunch, which is on Adams just west of LaSalle. Here is the lunch menu There are salads and somewhat basic offerings that may satisfy your friends, with plenty of more creative options for you. At lunch, I usually go with one of the Bento Boxes.

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      1. re: masha

        that looks like a very nice pick.....thanks

        1. re: ichabod777

          The Florentine across the street in the JW Marriott is also worth a look. It's one of my go-to's for a nice lunch.

      2. Possibly too far West, but Publican Quality Meats is great.

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        1. re: danimalarkey

          that looks great! I have been to the Publican several times but did not know about this offshoot. my friends would starve. I once took them to the Purple Pig, and they were simply aghast. So, I go to the Purple Pig by myself. thanks. you guys are coming up with some great ideas!