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Jun 7, 2012 11:53 AM

Oshawa/Durham Restaurant for Special Occasion

I live in Toronto where there are no shortage of great choices for restaurants and am not familiar at all with Oshawa/Durham choices. We are celebrating my daughter's college graduation and are hosting a dinner for about 10 people following the ceremony.

Originally I checked into Arthurs on the 4th at the McGlaughlin Gallery only to find that they are now closed. I want a venue with great food, nice ambience and some price choices on the menu. Any suggestions??? I am thinking of Fazio's as one possibility.


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  1. There's always Burb's Bistro in Pickering:

    Some might recommend the places facing the lake at the foot of Liverpool, Port Restaurant or Waterfront Bistro but I'm not impressed with either of them.

    1. The chef at Arthur's had some connection with Bistro 238 in Courtice, which in any case is similar price and quality. I think Bistro Chanterelle in Bowmanville is your best bet, more menu choices than Burbs and slightly closer to Durham College.

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        We just moved to the area this weekend and ended up trying Chanterelle Bistro. I wasn't impressed. The atmosphere was rushed and noisy. There were several large groups while we were there and I felt out of place at a table for two.

        My rocket salad was mostly wilted and the poached pears didn't even resemble pears. I opted for the risotto with lobster and shrimp for my main course. I was very surprised to find that the risotto was heavy with cream. The lobster and shrimp were both overcooked.

        Service, while pleasant was hurried.

        1. re: RYP

          Welcome to Durham Region!

          The OP will have a large group, so by your observation they should feel right at home. That said, I have always been in a group of 4 or less, and have never felt out of place.

          I tried to give you an honest heads up about this area's restaurants in your previous thread about moving to Courtice. If you are still expecting to be "impressed" by a local restaurant, then you truly missed my point. Bistro Chanterelle serves perfectly good bistro food at reasonable prices. It was rushed on a weekend night because it was very busy -- you were lucky to get a reservation. It was busy because it is one of the best restaurants in the area. Compared to the OP's proposed Fazio's or the defunct Arthur's, it is a step up. Compared to an impressive restaurant with innovative cuisine, it is a step down. To my knowledge, no such impressive restaurant exists in Durham Region.

      2. I too would recommend Burbs in Pickering. It's on the small side but I have seen larger groups in around Christmas time... I have enjoyed it both times I've been.

        My only experience with Port was far less than stellar. They could not make a simple caesar cocktail, and my dinner was overpriced, underseasoned, luke warm and served with unripe vegetables in my salad.

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          I agree. You don't dine at Port or Waterfront for the food, you're there for the lake. And you pay thru the nose for that expensive piece of real estate they sit on.