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Jun 7, 2012 11:27 AM

Dallas Observer says the pho at Lemongrass is really good . . .

I'm skeptical. Can anyone provide guidance? It would be nice to not have to drive to Richardson or Garland for some good pho, but I'd rather drive than slurp some swill.

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  1. Richardson based 'Hound here that loves pho. Any more information to help us identify the restaurant?

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      Lemongrass in Deep Ellum:

      Never had it personally since I'd just eat Vietnamese in Carrollton or Garland. If one's not willing to go north of 635, Pho is for Lovers is the place to go. Of course you'll pay a premium for the location, plus they do use better quality beef than most pho restaurants.

    2. Just out of pure observation as I have not been there I would have to say it might be good. They only serve it at lunch. I checked the menu and did not see it offered on the dinner menu (could be an oversight?). I would imagine if they are only offering it for lunch that they would have to start the soup early in the morning, assuming they are making a fresh pot each day.

      I would just cut my losses and head for Pho is for Lovers. I have been there on multiple occasions and I still go for the pho and korean bbq banh mi.

      I am skeptical of any Asian food south of 635, Teppo/Tei An/Yutaka/Royal Thai/Pho is for Lovers being the exceptions.

      1. I was impressed when I tried it. High quality meat and herbs were plentiful and fresh. They also serve the raw beef on a side plate so you can add it yourself. I thought the broth was on par with what you can find in the suburbs.


        -- They just have two kinds - sliced rare beef and chicken.

        -- It's a fancy white tablecloth kind of place - I wouldn't bring my toddler. (of course, this could be an upside if you prefer no kids around)

        -- It's $10.95.

        For Pho in Dallas, I really like Oishii best (@ $7.50), but there's also a new place for pho called Dalat in East Dallas that I haven't tried yet that sounds like it has potential.

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          Dalat has come and gone in the same neighborhood as Jimmy's. It used to be across the street from Mai's and that terrible looking Chinese Place on Bryan. I assume it is the same owners/family as before. I don't hear of too many from Dalat.

          I will have to get in touch with my Vietnamese friend who has been to Dalat already to see what to try. I know he didn't have pho.

          Webra if you rememebr was the broth fairly clear and flavorful? Was the broth a bit fatty?

          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            Da Lat is open for lunch now and I think the owner, Khanh is doing a great job with his delicious food. The Pho is delightful. The beef used in the beef Pho practically melts in your mouth in a full flavored, yet delicate broth. I love it!

            As Da Lat is very close by to my house, I'm finding myself becoming a very happy regular.

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              LG's pho was not fatty. It was clear and had good flavor, but they use much less of the spice mix than most other places.

              1. re: twinwillow

                I thought I'd add a picture of the delicious beef Pho I enjoyed yesterday for lunch at Da Lat. A very nice "condiment bar" is also provided for all the extra "goodies" and varied sauces.

            2. Personally, I love Lemongrass but, I prefer it for lunch (only) Monday-Friday.

              It's a very elegant restaurant with white tablecloths, very reasonable (lunch) prices, excellent food, professional service, and, a small dessert as well as an amuse-bouche is included with lunch.

              However, on Saturday, lunch is treated the same as dinner.
              More expensive and, no free dessert or amuse-bouche. I guess they're really going after the (weekday) lunch crowd.

              I must admit I've never had the Pho there. I love their charbroiled pork with vermicelli and eat it when ever I'm there for lunch.

              One of the best things about Lemongrass is their own free private parking lot just across the street!

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              1. re: twinwillow

                have you been to Vietnam Restaurant for their pork & vermicelli - it is delicious and much better in my opinion. Plus, it's 6.95 to 9.95 at Lemongrass!

              2. I can definitely vouch for Pho is for Lovers! Our family goes at least once a week and everyone has a different favorite dish. Mine is hands down the Beef Pho with bright red fresh filet, tender brisket, and meatballs. My wife gets the grilled pork vermicelli. On our meatless days.. we go for the Vegan Pho with tofu and an array of steamed vegetables ( super light and healthy.) On weekends they have a "special" that always changes - some cultural viet dish that isn't usually on the menu. We've tried the curry, beef stew, and my favorite spicy pho they call it bun bo hue.

                Another reason why it's my favorite is because the interior is always spotless, the employees are outgoing and friendly, and there are actually FOUR Vietnamese MOMS cooking in the back! You can see them if you look through the clear window!

                attaching a pic from their Facebook page that makes me hungry every time!