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Jun 7, 2012 11:21 AM

Tallahassee: Good, Not-Yellow Fried Rice?

Lookin' for old-fashioned, fresh-made New York style fried rice -- deep mahogany, not the vile yellow stuff that seems to be trendy right now. As I told my hubby, "If I wanted bad yellow rice from a box, I could cook it myself!".

Any sources you know?

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  1. Certainly NOT in any of the Chinese buffets that comprise 90% of Tally's take on Chinese.

    But you might look at the fried rice at Bamboo House. Or Tan's over by Espositos. Don't usually go for fried rice at restaurants, but I always thought the darker coloring was due to the sauce used, Hoison or soy, and maybe a little brown sugar.

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      There"s really great new york style fried rice available in,,,new york.

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        Crewsweeper, thanks for suggesting Tan's. They have an "Indonesian Fried Rice" that's EXACTLY what I was looking for, only it has more heat than I'd like. (I can always ask them to leave out the Szechuan peppers next time).