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Jun 7, 2012 09:02 AM

Philadelphia area artisans

I'm looking to see if I can curate a list of artisans within the area specializing in areas such as cheese, breads, salumi, spices, and distilled products( namely whiskies, liquors, and other spirits).

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  1. Hendricks Farms and Dairy. - Dairy, Fresh and Cured Meats

    1. Bluecoat gin is made in Philly, correct? DiBruno's and Mancuso's makes some of their own cheeses. There's a zillion bread bakers in the city, but at the top you have Sarcone's.

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        Philadelphia distilling makes more than Bluecoat gin. THey also make absynthe, whiskey and vodka.

        Are you confining yourself to Philadelphia city proper or do you want places in the burbs. You should add PorcSalt for great artisan bacon and other charcuterie, and Illig's in Chalfont for housemade german style sausages. Probably should add two places in Port Richmond that make kielbasa.Swiacki's and Czerw's.

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          Their Penn 1681 vodka (a rye vodka) has been my go-to for a few years now. Yes, part of it is wanting to support local business, but it is a very good vodka. I also have family members who love their Blue Coat gin.

      2. Next week the "Local Food Guide" will be released by Fair Food Philly - it is an annual publication of various artisan producers and the restaurants and retailers who support them. Here is a link:

        1. Also, there was a "Philly Farm Show in April at the convention Center that was all local folks - the participant list from that might be helpful as well.

          1. If you're including chocolates, there is Eclat in West Chester, which is truly world class. I am also a big fan of Birchrun Farms and Shellbark Hollow here in Chester Co for cheese, but they have to be in the guides cited below.

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              If you are including chocolates, John & Kira's are exceptional.