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Jun 7, 2012 09:01 AM

Bucharest Grill (DTW)

Yes, Detroit has no shortage of shawarma. I bet its the english-speaking Shawarma capital of the world. But somebody clued me into this place, and I finally got around to trying it. Located sorta in the park bar, next to Cliff's bell. Its basically a stall inside of Park bar, where you can either order to go, or eat inside the bar. it took FOREVER to get my food before the tigers-yankees game (the good one where we one). One hand armed with a Bucharest shawarma (chicken, fries, sauce, etc). the other one with a beef one. (how I'm not 10000lbs is beyond me).

OMG. So. F'in good. WAtching them make it, they slather on thick amounts of garlic sauce. When they grab the meat, whole fistfuls of meat go on it. The shawarma is at the absolutely maximal tension point of the pita without it popping open like a cheap balloon.

The Meat was excellent. tender, moist, full of flavor.
Heaping fresh, crisp vegetables
Loads of incredible garlic sauce

I don't know what there is more to say about a shawarma. Do try.


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  1. I, too, like them, though I haven't tried the one with fries, as that doesn't really appeal to me.

    That infernal wait you had can be avoided by calling ahead, *especially* around Tigers games. The wait can be an hour for carryout, if you're not careful! I'm a big fan, but that's too long to wait when I'm hungry *now*. They are good at what they do, though.

    Here's the best part: that sandwich is a freaking *bargain* at $4.51 out the door (it's $1 more for the one with fries in it). It's huge, it tastes very good, and for its proximity to the CoPa, it's incredible...hands down. I'm a big fan.

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      There's lots more about Bucharest in this thread--

      And I still say, skip the mayo!