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Jun 7, 2012 08:19 AM

Lunch in Chicago

The hubs, the son, his girlfriend and I are driving in from Indy on our way to Milwaukee and thought we'd do a quick trip into the city. Grab a bite for lunch and enjoy a little Segway Tour.
Being that we're subjecting our 22 year old travelmates to 12 hours in the car, we thought a fun afternoon in the windy city would be a welcome reward.
But where to eat lunch?
We need to be at Michigan and Jackson at 1:30. Is there someplace in the area that would be a good "taste of Chicago" for a moderate price?
Thanks for the advice. Looking forward to a fun-filled 4 hours before we hop back in the car!
Appreciate your help.
Kimberly from Knoxville, TN

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  1. I think The Gage would work nicely for you. Depending on the weather, you may even be able to/want to snag one of their outdoor tables -- being across from Millennium Park, there's a lot of good people-watching available. The menu definitely picks up on the gastropub vibe that's big these days while still being moderate in price.

    Terzo Piano might run a little more expensive, but you do get to dine on top of the Art Institute, so that's pretty cool, too. About a mile to the North of where you'd pick up your tour is the Purple Pig. Great food with strong meat-centric dishes while still nailing lighter, vegetable-centric dishes, too. I'm just not sure how much time you would have to eat given your scheduled tour (not to mention when you finally make it into the city).

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      You could also try Chicago Deep Dish pizza at one of the best examples -
      Pizano's Pizza & Pastamore 61 East Madison Street (312) 236-1777‎ - this is two blocks from Michigan and Jackson

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        Wow, thanks for the great advice. Putting those places into my trip planner. Man… what did we do before the internet?? You've been a huge help!

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          Thanks a big thanks to both danimalarkey and weinstein5!

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            another tast of Chicago for Snacking in the car - Garretts Popcorn at 4 East Madison - the Caramel Crisp is to die for! -

        2. Mercat a la Planxa is nearby, and they often have some pretty good lunch deals:

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            Thanks for the tip. We definitely need to be there for more than just one meal!