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Jun 7, 2012 07:57 AM

GOOD Cassata Cake

Does anyone know where to get a really good Cassata Cake in the LA area? I came from Cleveland and so I'm spoiled by Corbo's in Little Italy....

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  1. Check with Claro's in San Gabriel and see if they have a source or maybe Eagle Rock Italian Bakery. When Sarno's c;osed about 12 years ago they took many of the great Italian baked goods with them.

    1. Coming late to this discussion. Did you find a good Cassata Cake place because I too miss Corbo's?

      1. I have not yet found a good one. One place I called (who calls themselves an Italian bakery) did not know what it was!

        1. Eagle Rock Italian Bakery call ahead 213-255-8224. They can be a little rude on phone buy well worth it. Go early on Sat. or be prepared to wait.....Sun closed early, best to order ahead of time!

          1. I'm still searching for cassata cake but for an alternative, I bought a Berry Shortcake from Lark Cake Shop in Silver Lake (