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Jun 7, 2012 07:46 AM

Is Cafe Achafalaya closed? Planning a Dream trip for some newbies

Love this place..but their website's down. bad sign.

Having so much fun planning a trip for people who have never been to Nola

My plan for one night was to rent a limo, stop at Columns Hotel for a cocktail, and then to Cafe Achafalaya for dinner. Mostly so they can get a peek of the Garden District.

We are all staying at the penthouse at Jackson Brewery - so excited. Gonna eat at Nola's the first night. I know, a lot of people shun at Emerils...but I think their Garlic crusted drum with bacon butter sauce may be the singularly most delicious thing I have ever tasted.

This may be pricey, so looking for a slightly less expensive option for the second night. Cafe Achafalaya came to mind since I loved eating there.

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    1. The last time the restaurant changed hands, the new owners dropped the "Cafe". For a while, they were still using the Cafe Atchafalaya website. The new website uptown posted reflects the change. It's just Atchafalaya now.

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