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Where should I get a gift card from for an advanced home baker w/ limited supplies?

I'm looking to gift a friend who loves to bake exquisitely delicious pastries, cakes, and cookies. He's low in the supplies department (he's on a grad school budget), so thought a gift card to a cooking supply shop might be in order. Store ideas (online or brick-and-mortar is fine) where he could get the biggest bang for his buck? Thanks!

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  1. Home Goods Gift Card is not bad. Alternatively, Bed Bath and Beyond.

      1. Thank you for the recommendations!

        1. Amazon.com I'm a professional cook and I get a great deal of my supplies there. They have just about everything.

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            I second Richard. For online shopping, Amazon has amazing selection and offers great prices.

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              Amazon has done me right several times with kitchen stuff. They bread baking pans I got are really nice. A Til' Tuesday Morning discount surplus store is also a good place if he has one close buy. I have scored some good Bodum coffee things there along with the occasional sheet pan or cookie tray.

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                    My first thought was this, but I do buy even more from Amazon. Though Amazon is best when you know what you want....not easy to browse,

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                      I'd vote for either King Arthur or BB&B.

                      William Sonoma and Sur LaTab are both great but I think that they are overpriced.

              1. Williams-Sonoma outlet store prices (especially during sales) are hard to beat.

                1. Wow, when you said "cooking supply" I thought flours spices etc.!

                  Another yes to King Arthur, but I have to say, I ADORE Penzey's cocoa for baking and their extracts are excellent. Good price for the high quality as well.