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Jun 7, 2012 07:30 AM

Cayman with kids

Where are some really good restaurants that are also good for kids....preferably waterfront or with Ocean views?

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  1. Grand Cayman restaurants are very kid friendly, On the water, Morgan's Harbor a is good place where you can bring kids without difficulty. Ragazzi and Pappagallo, both not on the water, are good family places. Casanova is is also a possibility, it is on the water.

    1. Cayman does not have a lot of waterfront restaurants, so its difficult to recommend some that are kidfriendly + waterfront + very good.
      An option is Cracked Conch (haven't been there for a long time so not sure about quality but its def waterfront and pretty kidfriendly). Ritz has some waterfront options. Morgans Harbour.
      A good casual option is the restaurant by the skateboard/surf place at Grand Harbour; behind Hurleys supermarket. Its not waterfront or fine dining, but it does offer casual food and a good ambience, and the kids may enjoy the skate/surf place right next door.
      Have a good trip!

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        Thanks so much for all the good tips...especially Grand 9 and 6 year old boys are HUGE SK8ER/SURFERS!!!!