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Jun 7, 2012 07:20 AM

Planning trip to NO for 2/22/2013...need help with Crawdad finding.

Lived in NO 45 years ago.....would go to Lake Pontchartrain area and get lunchroom tray full of boiled crawdads (crayfish) and a pitcher of beer....great memories! I visited 5 years ago for a quick 1 day business trip and could not relive this experience; dinner of crawdads consisted of a few crawdads and sides...cost was high.
Since that trip, several people have said that there are still places locals go around NO area that still serve platters (trays) of boiled crawdads fancy places but good places. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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  1. There are places that still do that but I haven't been to any for a while. Deanies may still have that. The last place I was in with trays was Stingray's in Kenner. It was much like West End with muli generations eating boiled crawfish and shrimp

    1. We recently had good boiled crawfish at The Galley 2535 Metairie Rd
      Metairie, LA 70001
      (504) 832-0955

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        Crawfish in Feb. tend to be small and pricey.

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          Thank you for your reply! Was this a "tray full" or a plate full? Thanks again.

        2. You can buy live crawfish most anywhere that sales meat. Have your own crawfish boil. If your visiting and staying at a hotel you could probably find a nice place on the river - you'd just have to get a propane burner.