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Jun 7, 2012 05:57 AM

Are there any tea rooms around?

Meeting friends & we all love tea...good tea...loose leaf brewed.

There used to be a great tea room in the South End wlart in it... Alas it has long since been gone.
Is there any place for good tea great if possible, decent environment so we can catch up?

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  1. You could try The Tea Leaf in Waltham; it's a very cozy tearoom.

    1. Not quite a tea room per se, but has the best brewed tea around for afternoon tea: L'Espalier. Pricey ($36 for tea sandwiches and petit fours; $30 for cheeses and accompaniments; $27 for petit fours only), but you are a beautiful environment that is quiet enough for you to catch up. And if you love tea, Cynthia Gold, the tea sommelier, will be there to help you with your tea choices and answer any tea related you have.

      1. Thanks Boston_Otter & Crazy Egg will let them decide.

        1. Heath's Tea Room is a quaint little place in Rockport if you make it up to North Shore ever.

          1. I'm no tea aficionado, but Swans at the Park Plaza has a tea sommelier. I know that's rare, and I am told that's good.


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              not sure of swans at pp is still doing tea, but cynthia gold is now the tea sommelier at l'espalier.

              1. re: wonderwoman

                wonderwoman is right! Cynthia Gold was the tea sommelier at Park Plaza. Cynthia gave a group of us including Limster a tea tasting there several years ago. She was just hired by L'Espalier half a year ago. Here is the article: