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Jun 7, 2012 05:51 AM

900 Degrees - return visit (Manchester NH)

Stopped by 900 Degrees on Tuesday night and ordered a couple of pizzas. Happy to say they have gotten the crust right finally! Nice char and thin. The house pie was very good, as was the Vesuvio, with peppers and prosciutto. FYI, Tuesday is two for one, buy one specialty pizza and get one free - great bargain. Also $5 martinis!

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  1. WOW, I will have to try it again then, the first (and last) time I went was a disaster! It was 2 years ago. The menu did not list the cost of the toppings, I was charged $35 for a pizza with olives, mushrooms and anchovies and a Caesar Salad. Which if they were good, I would not mind paying, but the salad was a dry as a popcorn fart and the pizza had so few toppings it was like eating a crust of bread with flakes of flavor here and there.

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      The pizzas are around $15, enough for two. If you go Tuesday, it's a steal.

    2. How would you compare it to Crush Pizza ? I know 900 Degrees is a more refined sit down place in comparison, but the actual pie itself ? My visit to 900 Degrees was good, but not as good as what I've eaten at Crush.

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      1. re: Msample

        900 Degrees isn't even as good as Crush? Meh. Scratch 900 degrees.

        1. re: cringle22

          Have not tried Crush. Johnny Troy makes a very good thin crust pizza too. And anybody who likes Portland Pie will probably hate either one.