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Jun 7, 2012 05:35 AM

Squid and Asparagus Please.

My boyfriend will be coming over for a quick dinner this weekend. I am a little tight on cash right now. So, I would like to build up a meal around what I already have at home. I have squid in the freeze and really thin and tender asparagus in the garden. I'd love to make the asparagus the star of the meal. So I was thinking about baby potato and asparagus with Hollandise. What do you guys think?

I make okay pasta at home and boyfriend really likes that. So, may be some kind of pasta dish with squid? Or some kinda squid dish served beside some very simply cooked pasta.

Please help me out here. I really want to impress the guy with my food and I'm not really that experienced.

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  1. Have you considered making calamari as an appetizer before your asparagus & potatoes dish? They're dead-simple & delicious with just a squeeze of lemon or some sriracha mayo for dipping.

    Btw, the German way would be to add some smoked ham to the main, or parsley-butter to drizzle over the potatoes (no hollandaise needed, then).

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      I was planning to serve the squid as main and the asparagus as side or starter. Do you think the other way round would be better? Please tell me some more.

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        OK, I may have misunderstood the "I'd love to make the asparagus the star of the meal" part '-)

        I guess we are talking green asparagus? You may also just shave it thinly into long strands, throw in the boiling water with a long shape of pasta (linguine or spaghetti) for the last 30 seconds or so, and make the asparagus part of the pasta.

        I'd sauté the squid *very* briefly with olive oil, sliced garlic & perhaps a few cherry tomatoes & chili flakes.

    2. The dishes you're thinking of cooking sound pretty good to me, Raisa. I would make a pasta and squid dish and have the asparagus on the side - without potatoes, and perhaps a tomato salad?

      Here's a simple recipe for squid and penne but you can sub any pasta of your choice... I'm all about reading a recipe and tweaking it to my liking.

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        Thanks a lot. This sounds inspiring.

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          Thanks a lot. This sounds inspiring.

        2. If you have access to a an outdoor grill, or grill pan, grill everything....pasta or salad on the side.

          1. This is what I ended up doing. Calamari for starter. Then egg yolk ravioli over asparagus. He loved it. Thanks a lot for all the suggestion. Meant a lot.

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              Glad it worked out. I'll make calamari a lot more often once I have a decent hood/fan installed.