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Jun 7, 2012 05:08 AM

Lunch near NYU

I recently started working near NYU (W. 4th & Mercer) and am looking for some good, cheap lunch spots (<$10). Preferably a 10 minute walk or less. Any suggestions? Any and all types of food are fine - take-out or sit-down (understandably sit-down may be a little pricier). Also, are there any good food carts/trucks in the area?

Thank you!

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  1. I love Ngam for lunch near NYU. It's a few dollars pricier, although I think some of the lunch specials may be 9.50. I'd go there for any meal though- very good, creative modern asian. Their Thai Burger is insane.

    1. The roti cart on the South side of Washington Square is one of the best in the city.

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        He's better known as “Dosa Man” Thiru Kumar, who won the Vendys in 2007.

      2. Thiru's dosa cart might be one of the better carts in the city, but they're definitely not the best dosas in the city. In the same neighborhood, Indian Creperie, a brick and mortar store, makes much better dosas.

        There are actually a few good, inexpensive Indian lunch places in the area. For north Indian, Thelewala makes good nizami (kati) rolls. So does Kati Roll.

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          Since NYU covers many blocks, especially if you include the dorms. I suggest you take a walk to Num Pang on E12th off University, and get a coconut shrimp sandwich on such a good roll, and a grilled corn on the cob, with a root beer. They have lots of other great stuff too.

        2. Parm, Olives, Taim (opening any day now on Mulberry and Spring), Mamouns, Artichoke for pizza, Parisi Bakery might be within 10 min walking (On Mott near Broome) many more!