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Jun 6, 2012 11:53 PM

Any Not-To-Miss Festivals / Events with local food taking place in August on Oahu?

Your kokua is appreciated. I am a returning kamaaina and will be staying in Kailua from August 23 - August 31. Anything fun you can suggest? I don't mind driving. Mahalo nui loa.

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  1. The only things I can think of going on during that time would be Duke's Oceanfest, the Greek Festival, and the monthly Eat the Street food truck rally (which would fall on the 31st though).

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      Yes, we used to have "Showcase" in August which was a great event at the Academy of Arts which had great chefs and fabulous wines. Sadly they've discontinued that. It was a benefit for children's art programs. There is "Art After Dark" which is the last Friday of the month at the Academy (oh, it changed it's name but it's still the same place) which always has a theme and food to match. Town always does the food for this. Take in the farmer's market behind Long's on Thursday nights for lots of restaurant representation. Too bad you are not here in the beginning of Sept. the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival returns at a few different locations for their events.

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        killersmile, do you have more info on the food truck rally? I did a search and saw that PORK is the main ingredient. No location listed though.

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          the theme usually isn't announced until the previous month's event. this month the theme is garlic. at the event they will have info on the next month's theme. the food truck rally is held every month on the last friday of that month at 555 South St. in Kakaako kitty-corner to Restaurant Row from 4-9pm. to bring the event to other areas they recently have had additional events at other locations like kapolei or mililani or waipio, but the only regularly occurring one is the one at Kakaako.

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            There was also a rally in Kailua. The other ones are coordinated by StreetGrindz.