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Jun 6, 2012 10:31 PM

Craftsman & Wolves (William Werner of Tell Tale), SF Mission district [San Francisco]

Just read Sean's blog "Hedonia" about Craftsman & Wolves & it sounds Great. William Werner has a new place & making savory & sweet stuff.

Pain au cochon - like pain au chocolat, but with prosciutto
Rebel Within - his famous savory muffin w/ ham & soft boiled egg inside
The Devil Inside - chocolate brownie, toffee, chocolate pudding, & Foie Gras!

Craftsman & Wolves
Opens Sat 6/16/12
746 Valencia St (b/t 18 & 19th), SF
M-F 7-8
Sat 8-8
Sun 8-5

Grubstreet post:

Sean's blog post:

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  1. Just announced a few minutes ago on twitter that won't be able to open tomorrow.

    BUT, will be giving away pastries, one per customer, starting at 8am, while supplies last.!/craftsmanwolves

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I dropped by at 12:30 today and they looked liked they still had lots of pastries to hand out. Mine was quite tasty.

      1. re: SFDude

        Lucky you! Have you been back for more?

    2. They finally opened yesterday. Stopped by today and I wanted to try everything that I saw. We ended up getting the passionfruit sesame croissant, the roasted white chocolate verrine (white choc. panna cotta in a really cute little jar, topped with kumquats and roasted peanuts) and the devil inside (foie gras/chocolate/toffee muffin).

      Everything was really, really good and the people behind the counter were all very nice. The portions are all smaller, but I like that, since the flavors are interesting and everything is very high quality.

      Didn't try any of the lunch items, so I'd be interested in hearing about anyone's experiences with the savory side of the menu.

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      1. re: bluex

        "the devil inside" - with our current foie gras fetish, please do tell us more about this one.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I'll post over on the foie thread.

      2. Stopped by Monday morning to check it out. The display cases are very elegant, like a jewelry store. Besides The Devil Inside, I also bought the passionfruit sesame croissant and the chocolate salted caramel brownie (shown in photo below) to go.

        I took a seat at the communal table with The Devil Inside there. My first slice, cutting off about a third, only revealed the Valrhona chocolate ganache filling.

        I cut through the larger piece again and finally hit the tiny sliver of foie gras.

        Looks quite different from the chunk of foie in these pre-opening photos of The Devil Inside, doesn’t it?!/...

        That said, all three items were very high quality, if low on foie gras. And to me, the smaller size of the pastries is a plus.

        Here’s the full slideshow for The Devil Inside (click on “show info” for captions).

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Interesting. The one I had looked more like the pre-opening photos. As I've said elsewhere, I love that brownie in a way I have never loved a brownie before.

          1. re: absc

            The croissant and brownie were actually for my mom. I brought them home to her and had a taste of each. She really liked the brownie too and at first bite asked me what the extra flavors were.

        2. Stopped in for a snack yesterday. Financier with hazelnuts, panna cotta with peach, savory muffin with Boccalone pork product of some sort, gougère with smoky ham, cheese, and hot pepper, all great.

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          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Oh, the muffin was the Rebel Within. There was no sign in the case and I forgot about the egg.

          2. My favorite sweets in the area. Best chocolate chip cookies. the travel cakes (lemon, green tea or chocolate-caramel) are moist, delicious and inexpensive. their levain is a work of art. i also dont eat brownies, but theirs have changed my mind entirely. and of course, the rebel...

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            1. re: frontzNskrontz

              I've said it far too many times, but their brownie is by far my favorite. I also love their olive bread.