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Jun 6, 2012 10:27 PM

Tommy DiNic's chosen to represent the Northeast in battle fo sandwiches

Adam Richman preferred Tommy's roast pork/provolone/broccoli rabe sandwich to Priminti's french fries included collussus and Katz's corned beef/pastrami combo. Sorry Pittsburgh and New York. On to victory!

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  1. And the irony is they didn't even have the best roast pork in Philadelphia ... which is at John's.

    1. I was glad DiNic's won over Primanti's (Is it just me or does that sandwich seem gross?). However, I was very surprised that it won over Katz's given Richman's New York ties.

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      1. re: Philly Ray

        Personally I think he is missing out on the flavors of the pastrami by mixing it with corned beef and drenching it in russian dressing.

        And I am disappointed the Philadelphia hoagie was not represented at all ...... Paesano's or Sarcones or any one of another great deli in Philadelphia could give lots of sandwiches a run for their money.

        And he is doing strange things with his sandwich selection... like why is there a cuban sandwich from Tampa rather than from Miami........ I wish he would stick to some criteria such as the sandwich originated from the area..

        1. re: cwdonald

          Even at the end when he showed the sandwiches that didn't make the cut. How do you not mention a muffuletta from New Orleans?

          1. re: Philly Ray

            That is incredible. Having eaten at the Central Grocery which arguably isn't even the best representation of the sandwich, I cannot understand that one bit.

            And frankly a Po Boy itself is not a type of sandwich ...... oyster, shrimp, pork etc all deserve their own mention. He did New Orleans wrong. I guess the only hope is that he brings in two of the mystery sandwiches from some of his obvious mistakes...

        2. re: Philly Ray

          Primanti's is good drunk food but it's hardly a great sandwich. I agree that the better sandwich at Katz's is the plain pastrami, but that doesn't reach the sublime the way that the roast pork value combination does. DiNics is definitely the best sandwich of this bunch.

          1. re: Philly Ray

            With you on this one Ray. A colleague in Pittsburgh would always want to take me for a lunch at Primanti's for their wonderful sandwiches. First time I took the fries off. Not a good move as my friend was appalled. Big deal they put the fries on the sandwich wow, brilliant.

            1. re: Bacchus101

              The way they explained it was that the truckers needed everything on the sandwich to make it easier to eat with one hand while they were driving. They also said something about only being able to eat fries that "naturally" fell off of the sandwich, so maybe that's why your friend looked at you funny. I suppose it would be like someone ordering a cheesesteak with Swiss cheese (yes, I'm looking at you John Kerry).

              1. re: Philly Ray

                Thanks , guess that explains it. As I was not ,nor were others there ,needing a one handed helping of a sandwich and fries ; we did respectfully yield to tradition. Oh except as noted I did dump the fries and endured the distain! Tks Ray

          2. I must agree with all. As in any done-up, highly publicized food contest or review, greats are always missed, and the best never comes out on top. I have had the Central Grocery Muffuletta, Katz's Pastrami on Rye, the Fried Oyster Po Boy at Johnny's, the Chili Half-Smoke at Ben's and a few other notable sandwiches which escape me. Katz's could compete with Philly's offerings, but I don't think I've had another sandwich out of Philly which would make the top 10 here.

            To display my bias, I think Bourdain is the only one I would trust to do this type of contest, and even then I would be skeptical.

            I think the better option would have been to decide the best of each sandwich locally(e.g., the best roast beef in Chicago). Then if you wanted, you could go on and compare them nationally.

            1. Will Moses Malone be one of the judges?

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                1. re: bluehensfan

                  glad someone got the reference... ;;-)

              1. I had a sandwich at Primanti's about a year ago, basically, it was french fries and cole slaw on two thick slabs of nothing special bread, how did it ever make that show. Next time I go through Philly, It will be a must to try a roast pork. I have to admit every time in the past that I go through I get a cheese steak. About Katz's losing. This guy had to get them out of the field, Katz's pastrami is so far and away the best sandwich in the USA, it is unfair to all the rest. When I take a bite of Katz's pastrami, I give a big sigh and then float off the ground for a few minutes. God bless Katz's

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                1. re: thespiritualmidget

                  I really agree with you about the pastrami ... which is what is so surpising that he went with a combination sandwich and drenched it in russian dressing and cole slaw. Hot pastrami.. great rye bread.. mustard if you must. Thats all it needs.