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Jun 6, 2012 07:55 PM

Salad greens, room temp, or cold.

I like my green salad cold. I will make my dressing in the serving bowl and let it sit at room temp for a short time, and whisk.Then adding my mixed greens out of the fridge and tossing. Freinds of ours like all the greens at room temp. Just curious.

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  1. I like salads cold, served on a cold plate with just one exception. I am super fussy about Caesar salad. I seldom order it away from home. I like rolled anchovies, packed in good olive oil. I use that oil in the dressing. Caesar at room temperature, all others crispy and cold.

    1. If it is baby greens I like them cold because they wilt so quickly. But arugula or frisee I'm fine if they're not so cold, I think it tempers their flavor nicely.

      1. room temp - but there's very few foods I enjoy cold...

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          I'm with you, piwakawaka. Cold foods tend to make my teeth ache, and I can't taste them as well. I prefer them close to room temp, or just slightly colder.

          1. Romaine and Iceberg....cold and crisp

            All or room temperature.