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Jun 6, 2012 07:43 PM

Cherries 99c/lb SF Chinatown

I saw Bing cherries for 99c/lb in SF Chinatown at some shops by Stockton/Pacific on Tues 6/5/12. I'm not sure the quality, but it's cheap! Marina Market in Union City had Bing & Ranier for 1.99/lb I thought was cheap, but pre-packed in containers with lots of bruises.

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  1. They had bing cherries on sale for $.99 at the 99 Ranch in Newark and north Fremont, and also at the newly opened Sunflower Market in Fremont.

    1. Also on Clement Street. (One store is a few frontages west of Green Apple.) They were firm bings.

      A note: Please wait to get home and thoroughly wash cherries, hard as that is to do. My husband is finally over a 4 day intestinal upset that was probably due to unwashed cherries we bought in the Valley last weekend.

      1. Also at Evergreen in the Mission (on Mission between 21st & 22nd).

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          actually, Evergreen's are now $1.49 a lb. But between 16th and 24th there are at least 3-4 other produce marts carrying $.99/lb. cherries right now.