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Jun 6, 2012 06:44 PM

Something like Papa Cristos in the Valley?

Want to bring in Greek for a small party in Encino. Any suggestions?

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      1. Does it have to be Greek? There isn't much that I would consider good Greek in the valley. I'm not a big fan of The Great Greek, though it is probably your best option. I've heard there is also a good Greek place in Northridge, but don't recall the name.

        A place like Alcazar in Encino is Lebanese, with a lot of Armenian influence, but they do have some dishes you might find at a Greek restaurant. The same is true of a of the "Mediterranean" restaurants in the Encino/Tarzana area.

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          And similarly you might also find the food at Carnival on Woodman between Moorpark & Ventura that could serve the purpose.
          Never been to the Firehouse on Victory Blvd., but have about some of the Greek food there being ok.

          1. re: carter

            Firehouse is nowhere near the size of Papa Cristos. It is in fact just a restaurant with about
            10 - 12 tables and limited parking behind.
            I've always ordered either Firehouse's Gyro Sandwich and mixed Gyro Salad and loved both. Firehouse serves their Gyro packed with meat and the Tzatziki already in the sandwich. Papa Cristos Gyro has lots ot fresh lettuce and the Tzatziki is on the side. Between the two, I prefer Firehouse.

            1. re: selfportrait93

              I had the chicken rice soup at Firehousenand it was thick and creamy due to the rice. I usually have had it more broth like, but the flavor,was good. Also had the moussaka which was terrific.....especially the next day. Also kabobs and salad. It's just a restaurant but good food.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. The original comment has been removed