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Jun 6, 2012 06:06 PM

hand-pulled noodles

There's a new Chinese noodle house open in Edison that features "hand-pulled" noodles, mostly in soup. It's located next to Chung Sol Bat at the corner of Old Post and Rt. 1 and I think is called East Noodle House. I got the mutton noodles in soup and my colleague got the beef. My noodles were very good, but the soup had way too many scallions, which made the broth taste too oniony. The beef was reported to be very good.

I'm a little puzzled but happy at the proliferation of noodle houses in the area:

East Noodle House (chinese)
Edison Noodle House (korean)
Shanghai Noodle House (chinese)
Noodlelicious (chinese)
Noodles Plus (japanese)

A good problem to have, though. I'll be going back.

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  1. Don't be puzzled by the number of noodle houses. As you probably know, there is a very large Chinese population in South Edison and in nearby East Brunswick to support these restaurants. I doubt the people who go to these restaurants want Americanied chinese food

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    1. re: BigGeorge

      True, but there have always been authentic places in the area. It's the burst of noodle-specialty places that struck me as odd. I count 4 opening in the last year or so in Edison alone.

    2. Has anyone been to Noodelicious? I wanted try it the other night but they were not yet open when I drove by.

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        i love Noodlelicious. Definitely worth a try.

        1. re: yCf

          I went to the noodle shop with no name for lunch today and had the beef tripe hand pulled noodles - they were very good. The food wasn't quite on the level of Noodlicious but the menu was much more ambitious with every item in English (except the name of the restaurant).

          While the restaurant and menu are new to Edison, the woman at the cash register was not. I recognize her from at least one other restaurant in the area. I just can't pin down where.

          Chuck, I agree that this area should be called "the noodle district" or "noodletown" or something similar. I even want to add the snack stands at the two Asian megamarts to your list. Both Super H Mart and Kam Man Supermarket now have good noodle vendors. Indeed, the one at Kam Man has just opened.

          Opps! I realized that we left out the Vietnamese places. Sorry!

          1. re: BrianYarvin

            Good tip, I don't normally go to the megamarts for lunch. Also, China Star on Rt. 1 and Plainfield Ave advertises special "la mein" noodles that might be hand made.

            1. re: chuck98

              Chuck, the last time I visited China Star, it was Korean/Chinese and was in the same genre as Edison Noodle House. Things could have changed though.

              How can we keep up with all this? Edison is exploding with Asian food and there aren't enough meals in a day to try everything.

              1. re: BrianYarvin

                I haven't been in a while because their lunch specials are american, so it's either noodles or pay dinner prices for the good stuff. Probably about time for a return trip to see what's new.

                I figure 100-200 lunches out per year. When you consider all the non-asian stuff too and going back to favorites, it takes years.

                1. re: BrianYarvin

                  China Star is Korean/Chinese and has the same core menu as Edison Noodle House. ENS expands into more Korean fare, and CS expands into more Chinese. Both are great.

                  I know CS used to hand pull their noodles, they used to have a tv where you could see it done and you used to be able to hear the thumping of the noodles. Not sure what they do now though.