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Jun 6, 2012 06:01 PM

Antico Arco - better for lunch or dinner?

If you only had a few days in Rome, would you bother with a restaurant like Antico Arco or stick with classic trattorie? Do you recommend going for lunch or dinner? There's just too many good places, narrowing the list to 4 lunches and 4 dinners is proving to be quite difficult...


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  1. Unless you are completely planning your visit around the meals (a possibility) you may need to keep some more options to take account of where you will be come lunchtime. Also, you will need to check the closing days and vacation schedules of your restaurants, esp if you are planning to walk in rather than reserving.

    Ive not yet been to Antico Arco, but I think a visit, accompanied by a walk on the Janiculum with its views, parks and ancient churches would be a great option..

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      Thanks for the reply! Well, I lived in Rome for about 6 months a few years ago so I know the city pretty well.. I want to make sure I have a solid list of options depending on our location. Yes, it will depend on where we are at the moment but so long as I have a narrowed down list I think I'll be good to go. Thats why I was asking about Antico Arco.. heard good things, but it's not your typical Roman tratttoria and since I only have a few days I wasn't sure about going unless it came highly recommended.

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        Skip it unless you're actually going to be in the neighborhood. I happen to like it, but enough people don't fall in love with it that it sounds like you shouldn't risk it. Antico Arco is not a trattoria at all, much less a typical Roman one. It is a stylish restaurant with some interpretations of traditional dishes and much that doesn't resemble anything. It is just the thing when you want a little pizzazz while staying out of the top price levels. That doesn't sound like what you want, but what do you want?

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          my thoughts exactly.. if we're in rome for a handful of days, i think it's best to stick w/ the best Roman restaurants.. not into the "Creative" "style".. dined that way in Paris and I live in NYC and can enjoy that here.. thinking of having dinner at Piperno, Checchino, taverna dei fori imperiali, and then either La Montecarlo or Gata Mangiona but it is a bit far from the center... lunch could be a choice between Trattoria Monti, L'asino D'Oro, Settimio Al Pellegrino, and Pizzarium or Roscioli (Bakery).. appreciate your responses very much!

    2. We really enjoyed Antico Arco, and had fabulous Matriciana and caccio e pepe there, which are pretty traditional, IMO. I particularly liked that they provided a small portion of the other person's pasta. We went at night, and I will say that it was a particularly late restaurant. The place didn't start hopping until quite a bit after we got there.

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        What time was your reservation, roxlet?

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          As I recall, it was at 7PM or so.