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Jun 6, 2012 05:53 PM

walk home with a Baguette from La Toulousaine

Something is being done right here at La Toulousaine. (on the west side of Amsterdam between 106 and 107): On my first visit I liked that they use real ceramic coffee cup for eat in. Not paper, not styrofoam. Also, the creme-filled beignet was cold but delicious.

On my second visit I found their macarons are perfection.

On my 3rd visit, I found that they now have baguettes. It's the best baguette in the city so far as far as the crumb goes. None can compare with its airy, savory taste. The crust seemed almost too thin, but the flavor and texture of the crumb is IT.

Also tasted for the first time their Swiss cheese and Dijon Mustard croissant. Did they invent this? It's marvelous with the savory sweet taste. (was it honey dijjon mustard, maybe?) It's the French version of the chinese Pork Song bread, except better.

The almond croissant was also above average. Not too soggy, not too sweet. Good flavor.

I might find myself walking home with a loaf of baguette like the French now.

La Toulousaine
(212) 866-2253
Upper West Side
942 Amsterdam Ave Map.193d12b
New York, NY 10025

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  1. With Absolute Bagels a block away, it seems that you've discovered a great carb corridor. Thanks as always for your tempting info.

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    1. re: rose water

      Silver Moon is also near, though I've found it to be less personable a place than La Toulousaine. I like your term "carb corridor".

      1. re: HLing

        agree entirely. not at all personable, and pricey to boot.

        1. re: HLing

          Funny, I've always found them nice. Maybe I've dealt with them less than you too, though.

      2. I've tried the baguette 3 times...I kept hoping my experiences were anomalies...but I'm sorry to say that the baguettes are not worthy the trip. Not at all.

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        1. re: gutsofsteel

          I also didn't love the Swiss Dijon croissant. I loved the mustard heat but the croissant itself was too soggy. The people working there were really lovely, so I wish them well

        2. Darn it! I only know that the last time I was there, prices went up, the quality didn't. Thanks for the warning.