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Jun 6, 2012 05:10 PM

Best REAL muesli in the Twin Cities?

I'm disheartened by the boxes sold in the cereal aisle that are labeled "museli" but look like they are basically glorified granola by any other name.

What are people's recommendations on where to buy and what brands - I'm interested in the pale raw oat muesli that isn't held together with a binder with some nuts or dried fruit that is served in Europe with yogurt. It sounds like it might be easy to make but wanted to get some ready mixed some if it's easy to get here. Thanks.

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  1. I don't know the difference between muesli and granola but I like what they sell at Franklin St. Bakery.


    1. I believe that muesli is made from raw oats which is why it's loose while granola is toasted and "clumpy" (i.e. pieces of oats cling together because they are held together by flour, oil and/ or some other binder). I also think that granola has more sugar and fat but I'm not sure.

      1. Mastels Health Foods on St. Clair near Snelling has a couple of good varieties. I think it's from Germany. I like muesli also and ate it often when I lived in Europe.

        1. I think Ikea may have what you are looking for in their food section. I haven't looked recently but they used to carry at least two kinds with oats, nuts and various dried fruits.

          1. I like Dorset cereals. They make a few varieties. I like the purple box. Get it at Whole Foods for about $6 a box.