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Jun 6, 2012 03:55 PM

business dinner near Minnetonka or Wayzata

Hubby will be in Msp tomorrow night. He is staying near Hwy. 169 and Wayzata Blvd. Needs a place for a good dinner in the area with his coworkers. Probably not downtown but Wayzata would be ok. Within a 15 min. drive would be best. Thanks!

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  1. Forgive me because I can't exactly place that intersection and google maps isn't giving me an intersection -- but what about Parma 8200? Also getting downtown isn't terrible that time of night, as it's going against traffic in that direction, and there are many more options.

    1. Blue Point in Wayzata would be my choice. It's a somewhat upscale seafood restaurant with comfortable surroundings and good service. I've always enjoyed the food there.


      1. Bacio is quite close to there and would work well for a business/work dinner. Nice interior, good service and generally well prepared food - fish, pasta, steaks ... (we've had a couple of less good nights over the years but nothing bad). I have a soft spot for the brasiliana salad - but celery, hearts of palm and lemon is not the combo for everyone.

        1. The standard options for business casual are Bacio or Redstone.

          1. I believe he is staying at 169 and 394. He is not too far from the whole host or places in St. Louis Park--at West End. I have enjoyed the Cooper, but there a bunch of other places in the area, too. Easy to get to, relatively easy parking for multiple cars if not everyone fits in one. Blue Point is lovely and if your expense account can handle it, that is a great suggestion.