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Jun 6, 2012 03:55 PM

Graduation Dinner June 17th near Palo Alto

I realize I should have taken care of this much sooner, but am looking to make a dinner reservation for Sunday June 17th after Stanford graduation for 10 people. Many of the popular choices in and near Palo Alto are already "sold out" (as this is also Father's Day).

9 of the 10 people (all except the graduate) are from out of town and not super familiar with all the possibilities. Age ranges are 19 to 83. Looking for a place with good food but also where we can all talk and be loud if in that mood. Would prefer a place serving local foods, i.e., foods that are only available or better than average in the SF Bay area. As for location, if not in Palo Alto then someplace north as most of the party are staying in Millbrae. Cost can be moderate to expensive (just not ultra expensive).

Looking for someplace that perhaps the typical graduation party might not be looking at (since those places are probably booked already anyway).

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  1. Not sure if these are in your price range but:

    Donato Enoteca, Martin's West, Village Pub, Station One, Flea Street are all possibilities.

    Let us know if those recs are in line with what you were thinking...

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    1. re: goldangl95

      Village Pub was one of the places had checked earlier that is already booked. I have looked at web sites of the other establishments and they do seem like what I am looking for. The problem, however, is that all (except Donato) are already booked Sunday evening (at least according to Open Table - I will try calling directly.....Martin's West especially seems intersting).

    2. What time are you thinking of? I'm assuming graduation will be done by mid afternoon. Is everyone going to be hanging around Stanford until dinner time or go back to hotel? If the latter, you will probably want something closer to Millbrae.

      In addition to goldang' recs (love Donato), I would like to add Left Bank Menlo Park (reasonably priced, good food). There is also the new Menlo Grill Bistro & Bar which has good reviews on yelp but I haven't been (big attraction is no corkage fee).

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      1. re: ceekskat

        Graduation will be done by mid afternoon, so looking for an early dinner Sunday evening (do not want to hurry to get to dinner). How would Left Bank be for a large party - I do not want to feel like we are imposing on other diners if it is an intimate setting.

        1. re: Naamans

          It's a fairly large restaurant & large parties are welcome there. Friendly people & good service. They even have a semi-private area upstairs though I don't know about minimums, etc.