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Jun 6, 2012 03:50 PM

Champlain Islands recommendations?

Renting a house on Isle La Motte (one of the Champlain Islands between VT and NY at the northern end of Lake Champlain) for a week in mid-June with my family. It's halfway between Montreal and Burlington, VT, and I know of many good options in those cities, but does anybody have any favorite places within a shorter drive?

I've heard that North Hero House is a good spot, but can't seem to find much else out there.

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  1. I like the Blue Paddle Bistro in S Hero.

    1. Don't forget your passports to get into and back out of Canada. You can't go through without them.

      I don't know much about restaurants but I love Allenhome farm and their apples. Too soon to enjoy their apples when you're there, but their farmstand is still worth a visit. :)

      1. The Alburgh Country Club, just across the bridge from Isle La Motte, has great lunches. They serve dinner too, but I've never had it. Shore Acres, in North Hero, always does a good dinner. Hero's Welcome, in North Hero, does good take-out sandwiches and is a great place to browse. Enjoy your visit!

        1. Wholeheartedly suggest Blue Paddle in S Hero (about 20 minutes from Alburg). Chef co-owned, Vermont Fresh Network (farm-to-restaurant program), great wine list and Mandy (the other co-owner) is so welcoming. Get reservations, it's always busy.

          Hero's Welcome makes great sandwiches, but you might wait a long time in line.