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Jun 6, 2012 03:49 PM

cape york/cairns..port douglas

will be spending 4 days in port douglas after going to png...will have a car any recs for places to eat in and around port douglas...also hotel recs travel tips..etc..know this board is only for food but any help will be appreciated..thalia beach??

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  1. I just got back from Port Douglas and had quite a few nice meals. One of the more popular places these days is Salsa Bar & Grill, we had dinner there one night and it was really good. There was a grilled prawn with watermelon gaspacho I really loved. You definitely want to try and make a reservation though as we had trouble getting a spot. Just over the road from Salsa there is a place called Seabean, it definitely wasn't as popular but we had a great time there and actually went back (we were only there for 4 nights). They had good specials, a decent regular menu and the staff was super nice. For dessert they do a coconut creme brulee served in coconut shell and it is pretty amazing. Both places were a bit on the pricey side, but worth it as they stood out.

    1. Salsa as mentioned. Be sure to visit Zinc early in your stay as you will want to return. Great food, great cocktails in their lounge, plus free wifi. Finz is the place for seafood, they also have free wifi. At Four Mile, The Beach Shack is worth a visit too.

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        thanks much...any ideas for bites heading to the daintree area....

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          Not much in Daintree Village itself, a couple of cafés, haven't eaten there in ages. A visit to the village is worth the short drive past the Cape Tribulation turnoff. Perhaps stop for a morning coffee before spending the rest of the day visiting Cape Tribulation, which should be on your list.

          If heading "over the river" to Cape Tribulation, there are many cafés and restaurants. Café On Sea worth a stop, awesome location right by the beach. The link below is a nice summary of what's around the Cape Trib area.

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            thank you SO much what a great website...while not staying in cairns anything worhtwhile there...will be landing there and driving north

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              Unless you want to go to a large shopping centre or visit the casino, head straight to Port Douglas. Often people stay in Cairns and day trip up to Port Douglas then wish they did the reverse. When are you visiting?

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                will be arriving on aug 21 from png

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                  That's a busy time in Port Douglas, and a nice time of year.

                  A tip with table bookings: you don't need to book to dine at lunch but I would recommend booking for dinner rather than walking in as it can be difficult to get in, particularly at the restaurants I mentioned above.