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Jun 6, 2012 03:41 PM

Dining on June 24 bank holiday in Barcelona

I'm traveling with my family to Barcelona and will be arriving in the city (from Madrid) on Sunday, June 24. I just found out that's a bank holiday (it's the day after the Feast of Sant Joan or Catalonian's summer solistice).

I'm worried about things being closed, especially for food. Anyone who lives there are has been in Barcelona on a bank holiday has any suggestions about what to do for dinner, etc. (Sunday + bank holiday!) We're staying at the Le Meridian Barcelona on the La Ramblas. We get into town around 6 p.m.

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  1. Something casual should be easy - El Vaso de Oro is pretty much always open (I go for foie gras and beer every Three Kings Day evening). The big pintxo bars like Euskal Etxea are also usually open when everyone else is closed.

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    1. Hi, Brasserie FLO, on Via Laietana, just up the street from the Palau de Musica, will be open — menú available for 24€ — reliably good food with a good ambience. An easy, and interesting stroll from Les Rambles.
      Happy travels — enjoy Barcelona.

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        Thanks, another great option! I'm starting to feel better about traveling on a bank holiday. :)

      2. The place that I would recommend, that was open on a bank holiday when we were just there in May, is Gilda's by Belgious. The food is fantastic at very reasonable prices. Belgious is their ice cream shop with all sorts of creative flavors, and Gilda's showcases some of the ice creams in very spectacular dishes. Try the pea soup with shrimp ice cream, or the crispy shrimp with curry ice cream. The salmon two ways with Dijon ice cream is also fantastic. There are also many less adventurous but delicious dishes.