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Jun 6, 2012 03:23 PM

Breakfast IN Hendersonville

Where to get good Breakfast on drive from Asheville to Greenville

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  1. Not unless you consider Awful House a good breakfast. I would have breakfast @ Over Easy or Sunny Point in Asheville before you leave--it's not that far to Greenville, after all.

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    1. re: Jeff C.

      Just wanted to try something different Hendersonville MUST have some good breakfast choices

      1. re: mustardgirl

        You could try Mean Mr. Mustard's ~ I haven't been, but some friends really enjoy their breakfasts. Seems like a natural choice....mustardgirl ;)

        1. re: NANCY

          what about the middle eastern place as you head toward Flat Rock? don't they have breakfast? or the fireside pancake thing ? I have been to neither since i'm more of a coffee/pastry person, so just tossing out ideas.

              1. re: danna

                Oh, yeah. Forgot about that one. Have you tried?

      2. re: Jeff C.

        I love Mountain Deli for lunch in H'ville - on Main Street. Never tried their breakfast but noticed the other day that they offer breakfast sandwiches. I bet they're good too...