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Jun 6, 2012 02:54 PM

Epic dinner in LA?

Hello, San Diego Chowhounder here. My husband and I would like to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary with an epic dinner and a few days of foodie debauchery. We are considering taking the train to LA for this plan.

What restaurants do LA Chowhounders consider "not to be missed." For the dinner, we are willing to go crazy in a "money no object" place, but would like some suggestions for solid, fine dining with excellent food. We are willing to drive wherever necessary.

I know LA is crammed with food trucks. What do you consider the best of the best in casual fare?

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  1. I like Capo quite a bit in Santa Monica. You could stay next door overnight Shutters. Red Medicine gets a ton of love on this board for creative unique small plates; although it is fairly casual. Sotto is a favorite for Italian small plates as is Il Piccolino.

    1. Money is no object translates (for me) into only one restaurant: Urasawa.

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        Urasawa is my bucket list meal. Average check is over $1000.00 for two.

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          A true "bucket" list experience since one needs to bring a bucket of cash along to settle the tab.

            1. When I went to Urasawa, he was very nice and engaging. We got into a long conversation about cheap Chinese food in SGV. I guess I should qualify that with, I'm Chinese, and I follow the traditional "rules" when I'm eating sushi.

            2. You could do one of Mozza's special legendary dinners at MOZZA2GO in their Family Night Dining Series, Mangiare in Famiglia. Summer Grill dinner ( Cedar Smoked Salmon, succotash, Seafood Spiedini, Lamb Salsiccia charmoula & harissa, Tri-Tip potatoes & onions and Cherry Pie) or their Whole Hog dinner (SALUMI & PATÉ pickles & spicy mustard,PARMIGIANO-REGGIANO SOUFFLÉ, pork leg ragu ROASTED PORK SHOULDER chicory salad & salsa verde MILK ROASTED PORK LOIN caramelized ricotta & sage GRAHAM CRACKER PIGS gelato & sorbet), both coming up soon on different Friday and Saturday evenings. One seating per night.

                1. Will echo others in their hearty applause for Urasawa for your epic meal. Know that reservations are a must at Urasawa.

                  I'm confused - Are you using train or car? If you're sticking around for further food debauchery, know that L.A. is sprawling, and distances between good food joints can be vast. You'd best be served by driving from points A to B to C...

                  As much as I love, LOVE the train - For your food purposes, I recommend taking the car to L.A. this time. (Unless you're renting a car upon arrival in Union Station via train).

                  Just a notch below epic, but definitely perennial L.A. Hound favorites worth trying: Red Medicine, Animal, Spago, Park's BBQ, Mozza, Providence...

                  Sushi: Try Edomae-style sushi at Mori Sushi. My favorite sushi-ya in SD is the (non-Edomae) Sushi Ota (incredible uni you guys got there in SD, by the way!)

                  Other great Japanese kaiseki restaurants in town (besides Urasawa) include: n/naka & Shunji

                  There are many "cheap but damn good" recs on several other recent threads on this board. The L.A. Chinese food scene is more happening than SD's. I recommend hitting the San Gabriel Valley.

                  I haven't done the trucks in a while - Last truck I recalled liking was Lobsta Truck (check their twitter for their 411)...

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                    Yes you could do Spago before their Closing on July 9 For Fall Reboot. Wonderful patio dining.