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Jun 6, 2012 02:51 PM

Lucky's "Ring Shaped Pastries" on Main and 13th

The latest to jump onto the gourmet doughnut trend, Lucky's is located inside of the new 49th Parallel cafe on the corner of 13th and Main Street . The selection of doughnuts looked good, and I couldn't resist the rich looking original chocolate.

The doughnut had a light cake base, and was covered in a rich creamy extremely chocolatey glaze and then covered in small chocolate flakes. Everything was of high quality and very fresh tasting.

This messy rich delicious doughnut was actually worth the $3 they charged. Yes, I said it. A doughnut was actually worth $3. I'll just think of it as a pastry instead of a doughnut to get me over that mental hurdle!

Their "ring shaped pastries" range in price from $2-$3 depending on the variety and I'm looking forward to trying more!

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  1. "ring shaped pastries" ......... LOL ! Yeah I guess that would help me to mentally justify its price, as well as bringing me to a quick financial insolvency.

    Funny I walked by 49th Parallel last week on my way to my haircut and they were still in construction mode. So 49th is opened too, or just Lucky's ? Might need to do some field reconnaissance ........

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      Yup. It is open as well. I had an espresso, which they presented quite nicely on a wooden tray with a little cutout for the espresso cup and another cutout for the water. Nice. The cafe as a whole is quite spacious compared to their cramped space on 4th.

    2. Haha. I was there over the lunch hour to buy two dozen. Props should go to Dawne Gourley - Lucky's donut designer extraordinaire and who so also happens to be the creator of Giovane's very worthy butter bun.

      Lotus - both are in "soft opening" mode. Some last minute construction jobs still being performed here and there.

      1. I don't know, I tried two of them and found the doughnuts chewy (not in a good way) and just kind of "meh". I would have expected more exciting flavours too. Will give them another go but at this stage I prefer Cartems - more interesting flavours, more crispy exterior, also $3.

        The 49th parallel space is beautiful - and comes with free wifi unlike their 4th Ave location - but I am baffled at the idea that someone thought the traffic pattern was a good idea. To get to 1/2 the store you have to awkwardly carry your coffee down and up a ramp in front of the doorway (presumably fighting through people trying to get in / line up to order their coffee). Ridiculous.

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        1. re: reiney

          I had sharesies in a pistachio, a salted caramel, a lemon, a bacon apple fritter and a mango. The salted caramel didn't do it for me at all, weak on salt and the caramel had a strange, meaty flavour. The pistachio was better if a bit dull. The fritter was well executed but I don't need the bacon in there. The lemon was lovely, as was the mango, both of which are filled doughnuts. I'd go back to try some more.

          Coincidentally, had Cartem's again earlier this week and found them much improved from my previous forays back in March. Lighter crumb and not as greasy (though still left a serious outline on the napkins we set them on). Newish flavour the Naomi is very nice with green tea in the dough and dried mango on the glaze. Bee Sting was worth the wait.

          Are any of them worth $3 a pop? This juror is still deciding.

          1. re: grayelf

            "Are any of them worth $3 a pop? This juror is still deciding."

            That can be an academic/philosophical one. We have to ask ourselves, what are the alternatives and do they provide the same value proposition ?

            I admit, Cartems (been there twice so far) is like dining out fancy ..... you get what you pay for, My other (and local) alternative is Duffin's (Knight/41 Ave) or Lee's (Granv. Isld) ..... again, you get what you pay for but at every-Joe prices. So when I feel like splurging and treating myself, it's Cartems (or soon also Lucky's). Otherwise it's Duffin's or Lee's for other times.

            Having said that, I will NOT go near Tim Hortons at all, in fact if they offered their donuts to me for free I'd pass without blinking. There's just something very perverse and unjust about pre-baking (or whatever they do) donuts across the country and shipping them out frozen to outlets for final preparation.

            1. re: grayelf

              Well, I don't make a practice of eating too many donuts. But I'd rather a $3 (good) donut than a $2.25 (under baked, gummy, disappointing) croissant.

              Cartems uses premium ingredients so I'm ok with paying the extra for them. (No idea if Lucky's uses the same calibre - Anita's, Golden Ears, Gathering Place, etc.)

              1. re: grayelf

                I would pay $3 for doughnuts. I would definitely pay $3 ea. for a couple of Lucky's Bismarks (I haven't had the mango - that sounds good.) I may have lucked out on a good batch of the pistachio with orange honey - I thought it was excellent.

                I like the elastic texture of their yeast raised bases, but I can see why reiney found them too chewy. It is definitely chewier than the usual base - but in a good way - so I chalk that up to personal preference. The batter based doughnuts from yesterday were definitely superior and had more finesse than the ones from Cartem's (again - IMO). It is still early days so it is worth checking them out again, reiney.

                I'm not one for crazy combinations so I'm kind of glad I missed out on the apple and bacon fritter. Just the apple topping would be just perfect - no need to jump on the Bacon Bandwagon. Give me some classic toppings/fillings/glazes any time. Maybe seasonal stuff - like blackberries, sour cherries, etc in the summer. A savoury option (just salt?) would be great.

            2. I've now sampled three varieties of Lucky's donuts and I far prefer Cartems. Lucky's crueller was good but not great, the pistachio was dry and bland, and the salted caramel was an ok donut covered in caramel so stiff that the entire coating would want to come off with every bite; it took effort to break off a piece (and barely any salt, boo). It felt more like I was eating a Mackintosh's toffee bar that had some cake stuck to it.

              I love how the Cartems donuts have that crispy exterior; none of the ones from Lucky's did. Oh well, it's probably better for me not to have tempting donuts nearby, anyway!

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              1. re: queueueuq

                I tried to get a crueller a week ago Saturday and the guy ahead of me in line nabbed the last one (note to self: avoid Lucky's on Sat afty) so I left with zip as they hardly had any choices. Swung by on Sunday and tried the orange and pistachio (too stodgy though not actually dry and tasted of the oil it was cooked in). The lemon bismarck was once again a winner, as the lemon curd is spot on. I was glad they had it on offer.

                Funny about the caramel being so stiff qq. I didn't mention it above but the caramel on mine was so melty and sticky that it was kind of off putting. I wonder if people complained and they changed it...

                Has anyone tried the croissants yet? Saw them for the first time last visit and I must say they did not look very tempting.

                1. re: grayelf

                  I'm not too fond of filled donuts but it sounds like this lemon bismarck might be worth trying. Maybe I'll get my bf to try it and I'll just sneak a bite...

                  He was complaining about a bad croissant just the other day. I believe it was either Lucky's or Coco et Olive -- unfortunately, I can't remember which.

                  1. re: queueueuq

                    Side note re Coco et Olive: if they have their croissant bread pudding on offer, get it. So very good. Only had it at the West Broadway location though.

                    1. re: grayelf

                      I'm risking taking this thread to a further tangent, but since GE mentioned croissants ;-)

                      The cinnamon bun-esque "croissants" at the new Little Mountain Coffee Co. (Main/33 Ave) is flaky light and sinfully rich at the same time, and not at all shy about the cinnamon aspect. Highly recommend it.

                      Back to regular programming ........

                      1. re: LotusRapper

                        The new LMCC? Did it change ownership?

                        1. re: grayelf

                          Um, same folks AFAIK but the shop itself is fairly new in the 'hood, no ?

              2. BF came home today with one of their coffee cake donuts. It was ok, nothing special. I didn't want more than one bite, if that says anything!

                He keeps trying to get me one in particular but it's always sold out. It's the one that's shaped like the famed "pon de ring" from Japan's Mister Donut (originally American, I know, but it's biggest over there).