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Jun 6, 2012 02:24 PM

Is it Fair for Chefs to Cook Other Cultures’ Foods?

As we chew on John Birdsall's latest piece, _The End of "Ethnic"_, , take a look at this dialog between Francis Lam and Eddie Huang, _Is it Fair for Chefs to Cook Other Cultures’ Foods?_ too.

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  1. i agree! it's time we had only french people in the kitchen at french restaurants!

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    1. re: FED

      Well, sushi does taste better when they're prepared by Japanese sushi chefs, in Japanese-owned restaurants ;-)

      1. There is no point to that article. It IMO is actually cheap journalism. Is it fair to cook other cultures yes it is I have a friend born in Kansas grew up in Vietnam is it OK for him to cook Vietnam recipes he grew up with? Sorry BS article

        Plus I get the writer has areal problem with "Ethnic Cuisine" as a term don't really have a dog in that fight either way but relax.

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        1. re: chris2269

          I couldn't agree more. I'm American but a European mongrel by ancestry, would that make me eligible or ineligible to cook various European cusines?

          Also, I was born in Washington DC, but raised mostly and still live in Arizona, is that close enough for me to authentically claim to be cooking Mexican cuisine, or even just Sonoran-style Mexican cuisine, which I've been eating most of my life (allegedly, anyway- I have no idea who was doing the cooking when I visited those restaurants)? I technically live in the Sonoran desert, but having lived in DC and Millington, Tenessee, I'm unsure of the validity of my cooking. My parents were from the midwestern US, which throws another clod in the churn.

          I'm so confused. And I'm glad DH is making dinner tonight, although it's a recipe he got from me, and he's mostly German in ancestry, but born and raised in Phoenix. I'll probably eat it anyway.

        2. So if you're a U.S. chef you would get to cook ... what? No French, no Italian, no German, no Latin American, no Asian etc etc

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          1. re: redfish62

            And what do we do about someone like Marcus Samuelsson, an Ethiopian guy raised in Sweden? What's his cultural background? Surely not Harlem USA, where he, uh, has a successful restaurant.

            1. Hell, I thought they were crap articles. Hell, the concept is crap, too.