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Jun 6, 2012 02:24 PM

New Ottolenghi

Kitchen Arts and Letters in NYC just posted this:

Just received this advance uncorrected copy of the new Yottam Ottolenghi book, due this October 2. He's writing with his business partner about the amazing intersection of foods in the city where they both grew up. We're really eager for this one!

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  1. Next on the jonesing-for list.

    1. It is called "Jerusalem" - I pre-ordered a while back on

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      1. re: herby

        That's right. I had tried to cut and paste the cover with the name, but it wouldn't paste.

      2. Read something about this book somewhere, but can't remember where...anyway, is it already out in the UK? Or is the 2 Oct release date for UK, US or both?

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        1. re: qianning

          Excellent question! I went to Amazon UK, and it is also being released in September.

        2. I am very much looking forward to Jerusalem. I love Plenty and do not have The Cookbook. Though about buying it but decided to wait for Jerusalem instead.

          Here is the cover that Roxlet tried to post:

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          1. re: herby

            I decided to pre-order it. I guess it might be out a couple of weeks earlier in England since the US pub date is October 2nd. I'll wait.

            1. re: roxlet

              I've had it on preorder since I first heard about it, but I'm a maniac.