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Jun 6, 2012 02:23 PM

Main Street Cafe, Durham, Kansas

We had lunch today at Main Street Cafe in downtown Durham, Kansas - thirty miles south of Abilene on K-15. It was every bit as good as last year - maybe a little better. Today's lunch specials were Bierocks or Homemade Sausage, mashed or baked potato, carrots or baked beans, and one trip salad bar for $7.25. My iced tea was $.75 and my rhubarb/raspberry pie set me back $2.25. My mother-in-law's ham and cheese sandwich came with a huge slice of ham for $3.40. The several homemade pies were all $2.25 per slice, except for peach which was $1.75. All soft drinks are $1.59.

Has anyone else eaten at Main Street Cafe? They are open Monday-Saturday from 6:30am-2:30pm and on Friday evenings from 5-8pm. The several dinner offerings are all $8.25 each.

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  1. Thanks for the rec! I'll check out when in the area. Always looking for those "unseen" places. We enjoyed Brookville Hotel in Abilene, KS which won the 2007 James Beard American Classic Award.

    Brookville Hotel Menu
    Sweet-Sour Cole-Slaw (Family Pennsylvania Recipe)
    Cottage Cheese
    One-half Skillet of Fried Chicken
    Mashed Potatoes w/ Cream Gravy
    Cream-Style Corn
    Baking Powder Biscuits with creamy butter and preserves

    1. The best time to go to Main St Cafe is Friday Night from 5 to 8 When the buffet is out Oh my what a treat! Cooking home made food that is cooked all night long $12 if I remember right. Tea/coffee and tax included.