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Jun 6, 2012 02:19 PM

Grilled Chicken Wings, fired by lump charcoal

Back Story: I converted to grilling on a Weber, with high quality lump charcoal late last summer. Basically I'm learning to grill foods all over again. It's been a slow, success and failure experience for me so far. I just bought a trove of chicken wings to grill soon. This will be my first experience grilling chicken wings using lump charcoal. Can you help me make my first try a sucess?

I guess my goal is to pull wings with crispy skin and moist, cooked meat from the grill.

Will a marinade help? Then, what kind?

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  1. A marinade will help with flavor so I would highly recommend a marinade.

    My only advice on cooking with charcoal whether it be lump or briquettes is to use the lid to control flare ups.

    1. Set up two zones with your charcoal so you can move food around if you get flare ups or need to cook over lower heat. I just pile the coals to one side of the kettle and move the food back and forth accordingly.

      For wings you can start them on the lower heat side to start cooking them, and then over high heat to finish up/crisp the skin.